In My Thoughts I

What is that thing that a woman so much longs for? What is that desire that makes us different from the man? Why was our creation so unique?

All these questions have come to mind at least once in my life time. Now at 30 years of age I am pondering on them more. I am not asking them because of my status, which by the way is single and no kids. It is not because I have reached the philosophical age in my life where I have the insane maturity to analyze and determine all things. I have reached the point where I do not ponder on the thought of where I have come to be in 30 years, but on where I am with God and where He wants me to be. This is not a time to analyze what I have lost, but analyze what I have not found. Those things that God has determined for my life since the foundation of the world that were to be given to me and I was to receive during my life time. Have I received everything that God has intended for me to receive? If I have not being able to receive them through the years, how can I still receive them? Am I worthy of God still fulfilling everything He designated for my life? The answer lies in the preciousness of His Word.

Have you ever encountered a person who God uses to speak to you and through them God reminds you His promises? When you think about what God has told you, you realize it’s the same thing that He has told you throughout the years. There, sitting down, you start thinking: God, why are you telling me the same thing which never happens! What is the point on God telling me over and over what He has for me? It is simple, you have not yet achieved it or have given up pursuing it. When God reminds you of them is because His word is truth. God is the same and He does not turn back His word like man does. The same things He determined for our lives since the foundation of the Earth, the creation of man-kind and those given to you during your life time are still obtainable. His promises are true!

God has designated wonderful things for our lives. For us women God’s plan was tender and precious. We were created in a gentle manner and care. God made us from the rib of man. I will not take you into a creation analysis, but a simpler path of discovering those things that were designated for us women since before the creation and how they are still waiting for us to reach to God and receive them. I will not tell you this is a simple matter of serving God and receiving the blessings that He gives us in our daily life. I will tell you this is a deeper perspective.

God has placed in his Word the wonderful guidance for women (and men if you came across this) to understand how a woman of God should act, think and be virtuous as the one mentioned in Proverbs 31:10. Since our creation was so unique so is the treatment and dialogue that God has with us. God has determined for our lives wonderful things. He knows what real happiness is, and wants to share His comfort of love and give you the privilege of a profound intimacy with Him. You may say that the same things were determined for man. The real difference is not whom, but what was predestined since the foundation by His greatness to bring that forth to our hearts for understanding.


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