I thought life would bring me joy
I thought I could do things on my own
I thought I could play with everything like a toy
Now I know…I thought very wrong

I thought my decisions would be sufficient
I thought I was running my life efficient
I thought I was in all being proficient
Now I know…My thought was very deficient

I thought I could manage the challenge
I thought my actions would not matter
I thought I would be able to manage
Now I know…I mismanaged

I thought so many things
I thought that I could live
With thoughts that did not aligned
With the perfect plan of Divine

Now I look at my thoughts
So vague and so small
No treasure in them at all
No good to my life they brought

My thoughts are different now than before
They have sense and more
My thoughts are aligned with God’s plan
Not mine anymore

Poem Y.R.


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