Life’s Storm


I am contemplating from far-off

My troubles and insecurities

Just everything in my life

Different view I may abide

May be to see clearer or just find

The truth of the matter hidden inside

My life, yes, inside there

Where not even I can really get

I know the daily troubles but not clearly

The passing of the hours beat me to the race

That one of finding the real truth

Of what is constantly hurting

Not the external but the deep ones

That no matter the day, week or time

They simply tend to take over everything

All the areas of the inside of my life

Yes, those are tough

They come unexpectedly

And in essence you don’t know

Where they came from

How can I fight them?

I have to ask

How can I fight

When I don’t know what is hurting inside?

I can fight the only way I know

Praying and Trusting

Clinging to the Word of My Lord

It is Him who will help me through this life’s storm

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Hablemos de Esto

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