On This Day 22 – I Want To Think


On this day just think…

There are not much words that can be uttered at this moment. We are seeing so many terrible things that have been goin on that if I wanted to bring something jolly in some way our minds will drift from a very important thing. We live in such a hurried pace every day, and rarely take the time to think. Think about yourself, your family and most importantly your relationship with God. Times like these make us reflect on our own individual position in life and before God.

Think about all the things you want and then think of all those things that other people in the World don’t have it.

Think about the security you may have in your life and then think about those that have lost it and do not even know what is to feel secure in life with a shadow of constant threat.

Think about your family and the love you give them and then think about those that only have themselves and no one else to count on.

Think  about what you lack and then still thank God you lack of them so that you can remember everything you have He will provide according to His will.

Think about your relationship with God, of His goodness to you and then think about those that have not heard of Christ.

Think about what is lacking in your relationship with God, and make every effort to get closer to Him.

Finally, just think about what needs to be changed. Times are not getting better and Christ is at the door. It is our time to think and act on the understanding that without God we can do NOTHING!

Psalms 141:1

Lord, I cry out to You; Make haste to me!
Give ear to my voice when I cry out to You


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