Note – Sick


There are good days and bad days. This past week has been like that. On the good part blessed by the greatness God does in my life and in the life of others and bad cause I have been sick. Sorry for not writing so much; this has been the reason.  Is rare, thanks to God, but it happens. I am alright now starting over again on the writing.

During these days I realized that this blog is not only an expression network (as I call it) but is more than that. I felt bad for not writing the truth is nothing came to me. It may have been caused by all the medication taken. I still wanted to write. I felt distant from all of you and in someway guilty for not asuming my responsability.  I had not realized how a blog can demand such a responsability, but it is part of socializing in this type of network. I am glad I don’t see these blogs as just mere lines, but a connection with each reader and follower. There is someone out there waiting to find in the strings of the World Wide Web a word of hope, love and just plainly something truthful and real that will fill the void in their heart. Every line we write will either edify or destroy. There is no gray area. I am striving for the first. I pray that every line that is written may bring to your life what you have been longing for. That anyone out there that feels empty will find in Christ what I have  found His precious love that no other person, thing or situation could give  and fill the heart.


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