In the midst of verses I try to find
Some answers to the action which arise

Not much to say, a lot to think
I ponder much on what I did

It may have been good in some eyes
To others more come as a surprise

I prayed for whom I did not know
Just acted on direction from Above

The look in their eyes was not much
But at the question, “May I pray for you?” They lit up

The boldness needed to do this approach
Was not easy to find, I just say from Above

To go up to someone in pain to offer life
Not knowing the situation just trusting The Holy Spirit inside

And when finish, the Amen sound
Tears in their eyes gave confirmation abound

That I may not know what’s going on
But our Heavenly Father knows it all

If I just trust Him acting on faith I shall see
A change in a life through the love shown come to be

My call is to serve no matter what
He knows the need; I just need to act

Poetry Y. R.


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