On This Day 27 – Serve


Today, I came across my friend Darell R Forbes Facebook post which I consider an example of what serving others is all about.

“There comes a point when you get tired of what you see on the daily. Yes, I am in Afghanistan, yes, there are bad guys everywhere…I understand that and yes, there are people starving. It really breaks my heart to see the workers digging in the trash and eating the left over items that they find. Enough was enough! So, I spent some of my hard earned money and took them to Pizza-Hut and Burger King. It was and IS the HUMAN thing to do. You should of seen their faces as they ate! I can’t do it all the time but once in a while, I’m going to. Moral of the story: Not ALL of these guys are ‘bad’ guys and people NEED nourishment…no matter WHO you are. Next time you see somebody hungry, don’t give them any money (never that), give them something to eat.” – D. Forbes

Sometimes we think of missions of an outside thing or a great work has to be done to be considered missions. Missions is serving in the human necessities of the people before anything else. It may not look big in people’s eyes but in God’s eyes it is great. In the Word it is referred to serving that even a glass of water counts! How much more will it count if you would do more than that showing the love you have received from God reflected in actions!


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