Story Of A Man


I will tell you today

About a lost who never seem to find his way

During times frustration will fill

The deepness of his heart and will

How could he find what was never found?

How would he reach that which was not around?

His desires sank low

In the shadows of despair and lack of hope

What was he going to do?

He knew not the way to pursue

A dream, a thought or just something new

There was nothing that he could see

Something that will give the hope that he wanted in him

Then one day, not specific indeed

It may have been by coincidence, he thinks

He found someone that captivated his heart

Someone from everyone so set apart

Christ, may I say came to Him

Changed everything in his life

It was almost like a dream

Truly no dream, but reality indeed

He received the hope that was longed by him

Today his life has been changed

That man no longer wonders vaguely through life

He knows now the way of triumph and love

He received Christ as His Savior

The real happiness and hope

Poetry Y.R.

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