You have come to me many times
In the hardest moments of life
Displaying your power and might

You appear when my heart sinks low
When emotions in me stir up
You make me feel all wrong

I see you when I want to hide
When I run in light years time
Escaping from you; you the one inside

I sometimes pretend I can survive
That under your influence I can still rise
You are just an emotion that can be demised

Yes, even under the pain you have caused
I can still say you are not in control
I will cast you out in the name of the Lord

Fear, mighty strong you are called
I have seen your works of deception and control
But I have been freed from your stronghold

Dominion and power over me you have lost
Love, peace and joy reign in my soul
I have been freed from fear, liberty is my new song

Poetry Y.R.
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