I Still Believe


Over so many obstacles I have come

Tears have been the refreshment of my soul

Without no future vision to see

In the midst of this, I still believe

Loneliness, faithful companion in desguise

Has stuck like glue in my inside

Its tearing the pieces; the pieces of me

But I will still say, I still believe

There is no comprehension to what is said above

If I first not tell you what makes me strong

It’s not the great power that is in me

It is Christ’s strength that keeps in belief

Not believing just for something to hold on

But believing the security that in Him I am strong

Not believing for a moment that I am just fine

But believing that in Him I have everlasting life

When your sight is turned to Him

And trust is put all in who He is

In the hardest situation you can say like me

With all my heart, I still believe

© Y.R.

Image Y.R.


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