On This Day – Praise Him For The Bad

You may be facing the worst right now. Things are marching in opposite direction to your expectations. You have made big mistakes that have cost you. Have you ever thought about thanking God for those troubles and mistakes? Yes, thanking! Why? We always see failures as the rut. That which kills everything we thought could be possible. Failures are the most of which we can be thankful for. It is through them we discover our insufficiency and the small limits we have. We learn to rely on God alone not our resources or influence or strength. We should praise God when things do not work always in our favor because it is through them that we are drawn to the Only One that can do the impossible and has the power to do exceedingly and abundantly more than we can imagine. Thank God for these situations you are facing. Count on God’s guidance in all. Most of all know that the most wonderful miracle that He would do will be in you. So praise Him! You will receive answer to your prayer and will see God’s marvelous work in your life! This will be the greatest gift you will receive.