The Forgiver

If I could explain it
Oh I would sure say
The feeling surrounding
Even now in grief and pain

I shouldn’t be feeling
What I feel inside
A peace that is pure
Just peace of Divine

This contrary to the struggle
My flesh today goes through
Forgiving and coping
Beyond betrayal and grief of the truth

I see much, much farther
More than I can explain
Knowing that I am forgiven
Makes me forgive again

Forgiveness is not logical
My flesh struggles to maintain
My spirit argues this is what I learned
From the Forgiver; He who forgave me first

He taught me
The truth power behind
Forgiving no matter what
At all times

So I forgive
Over all hurt and pain
Knowing the freeing power of forgiveness
No man can take away

Photo & Poetry

The Night


It’s in the night
Where all things lie
The thoughts that surround
Our troubling minds

Is in its silence
One can discern
The truth of what happens
All during the day

No matter what type of night it might be
Starry or cloudy in darkness all does the same
Brings us down to our knees
Showing us that it is time to pray

There we ask of the future
We pour out our feelings of inside
To Him who knows and restores
Our God who brings to our mourn a glorious sunshine

Photo & Poetry