True Love


I will love you
More than you can comprehend
I will love you for ever
My love will never change

This I’ve tried to tell you
Oh, so many times
Tell you that I love you
No matter what you do, have done
No matter the circumstance

How can I be so sure
That this promise is true?
I am who created you
No one knows you like I do

My promise is unconditional
There is no limitation in it
Just a pureness of truth
That only I, your God have it

Your human mind cannot comprehend
The truth and reality
That is so great
I will be with you till the end

Trust Me, I tell you
You will see
If others do leave you
I will surely stay with thee

There is no other love
That can be like mine
My love has been prove
Sending my Son for you to die



Makes Me Strong

What makes me different?
What sets me apart?
The strength and character
Of those that a war survived

It is not a bragging
Elevating my egocentric nature at all
On the contrary it is a humbly attitude
Towards Him whom I get my strength from

It is no man
None can do this
Lift me in the worst storm
Drawing me down on my knees

He brings me peace
Even in the midst of tears
When my heart races
And no answers are clear

He is unique on His own
My life would be nothing
If it not be for the Word
The word that was Him and He spoke

Saying through every letter indeed
I am always with you
I have always loved you
Through me you are set free

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