A Writer’s Cry

There’s a writer’s cry
Coming from within
The storm inside
Wanting to exit

There are so many words
The ones reflected in our minds
Those that stop and can’t come out
At the moment when to write

It is a constant battle
That we face each day
Having so many words
And these cannot say

How do we set them free? I ask
From both prisons of soul and mind
One keeps them trapped in emotions
The other keeps them from our uttering voices

Can this be fair?
I do not think
The battle a writer
Has with his gift within

Yes, this gift
So precious in its own
We take the world
And through our words transform

How can I let it go?
How can I keep it trapped?
There is so much to say
So many lives to impact

I will not, I tell the writer in me
I will use what God has given me, my gift
I will share the words of the greatness He has done
Through my words, YOU, my reader can meet His Son