Killing Change

Felt like life was leaving me
Then realized the truth in it.
It wasn’t life leaving at all
It was God cleansing
My broken and tired soul.
The pain that I thought
Was death calling me
Was the fight of my flesh
And the spirit in me.
It is not a simple fight
Struggling inside of me
It is a full surrendering
Of myself to Him.
The tearing and breaking
That’s experienced in me
It’s the cry of my heart
To regain my life
To see who God made
Not who the world changed inside.
Is costing every bit of air that I breath
Killing myself;killing my flesh
All for the Spirit to be strong in me.
I wish it were easier
I would tell you for sure
But this suffering can’t compare
To the glory in stored.
That no matter how hard
This process can be
Is worth to see His glory
And the change He’ll do in me.


Broken Dream


I once lived a dream
So powerfully real!
Invading my senses and heart
It made it race from the start.

How real was it?
So much!
Too real to my senses
Too real to the touch

But the feeling
Tainted it was
Covered under the cloud
Was hidden a lie

No matter how wondeful
This dream turned to be
The lie that was hidden
Rotted it from within

Not yet discovered
Not yet seen
The presence of this lie
Killed the dream

As much as we wanted
The dream to proceed
It would have never lasted
A dream so unreal
A dream in a dream

There needed to be
A break from the dream
A wake up moment
Reality to peek

That all that was lived
Could not be kept alive
In a dreamy cloud
Hidding hurts and lies

Now at the wake
From this dream is
Pieces of a heart
To deal with

A hurting heart
That just woke up
Realizing with pain
The dream had to stop

Who will deal with such?
The only One who knows
The pain and suffering
Given from those He loved

He who even when hurt
Forgave them all
With no regret
Jesus, the healer of all heart’s pain.

Poetry ©Y.R.
Image: Google