Note To My Followers

WoW!!!! So many new readers and followers! I am so grateful to all!!!! I thank each one that has read, enjoyed, liked and followed my writing. I hope the latest poetry has been a blessing to your life.
I hope you can identify with the poetic expressions. There are different life situations which as Christians we go through like any other person. The difference is that at the same time we can be confident that God is with us guiding and protecting till the end in Jesus name.

May God Bless You Enormously,

It’s Time

It’s time to let go
It’s time to advance
To push foward
Over all circumstance
To find the happiness within
The joy that Christ brings
It’s time to forget
To stop the regrets
To focus on future events
It’s time to be free
From prisons within
From all that has hurt
No past can be changed
Just the future we have
To receive what God has
Given to us to enjoy our lives
It’s just that time
To start over and live
To not pity ourselves in
Accepting the peace
Jesus promised to give
Just enjoy what we have
The greatest gift of life
The assurance of salvation
Through Jesus Christ, Eternal Life