Hope for Them

Looking back
At the kindness given
At all that has been forgiven
To those that hurt my life
I come to realize
The great challenges of this path
The road of giving
Not waiting for a return
Giving more than a human wants
Being like Christ
Even when it hurts
Trusting God will heal, restore
And give life again
Hoping God’s touch would come to people’s heart
That for once they would understand
That soon they can realize
The only solution for their life
Is Christ’s Eternal Life
It’s my hope for them to find
What has been my greatest gift in life
The love unconditional to abide
And mercy freely received
Of Christ, the Savior
The one that changes
Makes a life complete



My faith faided
Dying slowly
It gasped for air
Trying to stay alive in all despair
I tried to help her
I held her hand tightly
I whispered, “You will survive”
But Inside of me asking
How could she stay alive?
There was nothing to bring back her health
What could give her hope?
Renew her? Make her well?
If she only held on one more minute
Breath a little deeper
And wait on her deliverer
He will come, I whispered
Just hold on
Trust His Word
It makes you strong!
Faith! Don’t die!!!
He has said He will deliver
He will never lie!
You can’t give up
You are too close
Come and rise up!
It is the time to cling
To the promise He gave you
That He will never leave
To always keep strong
Your battle He has won!
I see now your smile
My heart jumps with joy
Seeing your strength
With quickness rising up
How lovely you look!
I cannot describe
The great strength you regained
Knowing God will be there with you
Always till the end
Knowing He will keep you alive
With you I’m assured His glory in my life will shine

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Mind Map

Hello! I have been gone for a minute, but always remembering all my faithful readers.

Today, I want to share what came to me today. By nature, I am a visual learner. In order for my mind to grasp things in a more profound way I have to see it. Like many of you I am too, an over thinker. I think and analyze EVERYTHING! At times I am guilty of going to the extremes. So to put my thoughts in order I use mind nodes or in old school lingo – brain maps.  They help so much to create a visual escenario of what is going on in my mind. This way I can “see” the thoughts and “clean” those that do not need to stay.

As I was storming through the thoughts of the current process God is taking me through; I wrote my thoughts to get a better perspective. I can’t post everything I wrote, of course, but I do want to share the last link I added. I titled it “What God Wants.” When we follow God for a while we tend to wonder what God wants for me and what He wants us to do. Every time I go through a trial or breaking process that I need fresh godly perspective I add this title to one of the mind node branches. It helps me see and focus on the right thoughts that are in my head but the clutter of frustration, disappointment, and confusion don’t let me see.

Here is what I discovered that I KNOW but in the middle of the different situations that clutter my life I forgot…

Screen Shot 2014-11-09 at 5.12.05 PM

Thinking this way will keep you on track. God bless You All! 😀