I Look To Him

I will look beyond
I will see the greatness of God
Where my peace lies
And my comfort stays
Where I don’t fear trouble
Where I am not dismayed
I will look to Him
Who saved my soul
The Eternal and gracious
Jesus, our Lord
Whom to all the praise has to be
My Christ, My Saviour, My King




Oh my!
Why do I do the things I do!ūüė°
I need to trust God!
Not myself!
Not what I see!
Not what I think!
I’m such an idiot!
Why don’t I learn!
That God has His own way of doing things!
That His way will bring blessing not grief!
I don’t know what to do!
I want to trust You Lord!
I want to trust Your ways!
But when I get closer I drift away
Now I repent of my awful attitude and disregard
Of thinking I could do more than Your power and might
I surrender my “I” that tends to disregard
All that You have taught me through Your Word Divine
I surrender my all
I need to remember in all
Your ways are always better than mine.


Esperare toda mi vida sabiendo que en Tus manos estoy seguro…

Pensando en esto medito sobre donde esta mi seguridad.
Esta en la circunstancias o en Jehova?
Esta en mis m√©ritos o en el √ļnico que merece cr√©dito por mi vida, Cristo?
Que seguridad me puede el mundo dar?
Donde podre yo hallar la paz que tanto anhelo?

La contestación a todo es CRISTO!

Colosenses 1:17 Y él es antes de todas las cosas, y todas las cosas en él.

Es El quien nos da seguiridad y fortaleza. Creelo hoy todo esta en El. La seguridad mas grande es saber que Dios estara siempre a nuestro lado.

You Will Make It

Thinking about God my heart sinks
Yes, it sinks.
I am confronted with myself
I realize His greatness and eternal love
I stare in awe
Of my sinful condition
How He sent Christ to cleanse me from all
I meditate on His Word
Every letter; every phrase
Knocking at my heart
Asking to abide
So its work may start.

Then there comes my troubles
My mind wants to influence
What God Himself has said
It’s the best for my life
Surrendering to Christ
Letting Him change inside
It’s that battle that takes my peace
I, knowing what is good to me
Choosing things that break me
Not nourish me
Spiritually, I mean.

Then my soul ponders some more
On His grace
The one we don’t deserve
Why? Why would He be like that?
When my sinful nature reveals that
I keep failing Him
No righteous in me
It doesn’t matter to Him
The times my sinfulness makes me sink
His loving grace lifts me
I am certainly not perfect at all
But to His grace I cling all day long
For when I can’t He says I am here
I will carry you through
You will make it, My Dear.



Let the heart rejoice!
Free at last
Decided to blast
All chains bounding to the past
It’s not easy
A job that’s hard
A decision is where it starts
Not based on feelings
Nor circumstance
Based on the love of God
That fills my lonely heart
A love so pure and constant
No storm can drift me apart
The path is to push forward
No reason to stall
I abide in His love
Knowing in Him I have all I desire
Believing His will is higher
Than expectations I once believed
Would really satisfy my needs
Now looking back
I have a clear sight
That the pain was a disguise
To show me a part of Him
I would never see in happy times



Why do I fight?
What good is it to my life?
The struggle inside
Of doing my will
Or following Christ’s
Hard I excuse
Bringing to my human mind
Incomprehension of the Divine
For it is not my mind who needs
To bring reasoning to this
But my spirit in me
Listen to His Word
Accept and keep
Though my ways may seem good
The future is only known to Him who
Is the beginning and the end
The maker of heaven and earth
Him who always knows what’s best
I relinquish my will to His way
Having assurance in me
That His will is always for my good
Even when I don’t think



Are my eyes opened or are they closed?
Opened to my view
Closed to God’s
Do I really want to see?
Or just hiding under shadows I live
Of how things should be
Oblivious to the light God wants to shine in me
Oh how I want to see!
Should things be reversed?
Close my eyes to my views
Let God’s vision intrude
To see how He sees
A more expanded view
One that goes farther than I can see
He, the Beginning, who knows what I am to live
Should I give Him all my trust?
Rely on His vision than on mine?
A vision of eternity and glory divine?
Of plans that overpass thoughts?
Yes, I choose Your vision
I close my eyes, I trust

Poetry: ©Y.R.
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Speaking Heart

Let your heart speak
All that you hold within
The feelings that pressure
Forcing out the hidden treasure
Of who you are
Let your heart
Bring forth the words
Those never heard
Those you think insane
That many not understand
But I do
I want to hear them all
The essence of your soul
What’s beneath it all
Tell me, let me know
Don’t let shame stop you though
Theres no shame in truth
To say and to be you
To be honest and real
Your words are your appeal
To trust you more and more
Don’t let fear become a wall
Making silence great enemy in all
Impeding me to walk
With liberty in your life
How can I walk in the dark?
Is the light of your opened heart
That shines the trust path
Things have to be right
Let honesty and truth always abide
Then freedom will be your life
And everything will be alright



I want to wish you all a wonderful New Year 2015!!!

May God show you a part of Him you have yet seen..
May His glory shine over thee…
That in the troubles that may arise…
Know that God is there by your side…

Poetry: ©Y.R.