About Me

I am a Missionary with a Passion burning in my Heart. Wanting all to know Christ! I was raised Christian, but many decisions and insecurities made me drift from the path. I came back to the feet of Jesus Christ and even though long time had passed God never forgot me. He did not forget the calling He made to my life and after ten years away He reminded me and this time I accepted. It has not been easy, but I acknowledged that my disaster called life had only one solution Jesus Christ.

The main thing you will counter in this blog is that is written in two languages, English and Spanish. It may be confusing, but believe me is more confusing for me. My first language is Spanish and English is my second. Depending on the written piece the words just flow in the language that first comes up. Maybe thats why I had two blogs at first.  Every day will be different and so will the posts. The one thing that has and will not change is the purpose which is for you to know Jesus Christ and to grow in your relationship with Him. I may express it in poetry or maybe in a “On this day” post or just sharing a word with you. I just hope that every word and every line written will sink in the deepness of your heart. That you would be able to identify yourself with the writings of struggle and also with those of glory and triumph that we encounter in this walk with Christ. That you just see that life is not easy, but with Christ all things are possible. Even though not every time is rosy keeping on serving Him even in the harsh times of life the reward is far more greater than the present pain. The reward of ETERNAL LIFE.

May you be blessed,


Feel free to contact me for prayer requests or anything you want to share by email:


All work written here is ©Y.R.  Copyright 2012-2014

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