You Will Make It

Thinking about God my heart sinks
Yes, it sinks.
I am confronted with myself
I realize His greatness and eternal love
I stare in awe
Of my sinful condition
How He sent Christ to cleanse me from all
I meditate on His Word
Every letter; every phrase
Knocking at my heart
Asking to abide
So its work may start.

Then there comes my troubles
My mind wants to influence
What God Himself has said
It’s the best for my life
Surrendering to Christ
Letting Him change inside
It’s that battle that takes my peace
I, knowing what is good to me
Choosing things that break me
Not nourish me
Spiritually, I mean.

Then my soul ponders some more
On His grace
The one we don’t deserve
Why? Why would He be like that?
When my sinful nature reveals that
I keep failing Him
No righteous in me
It doesn’t matter to Him
The times my sinfulness makes me sink
His loving grace lifts me
I am certainly not perfect at all
But to His grace I cling all day long
For when I can’t He says I am here
I will carry you through
You will make it, My Dear.



Let the heart rejoice!
Free at last
Decided to blast
All chains bounding to the past
It’s not easy
A job that’s hard
A decision is where it starts
Not based on feelings
Nor circumstance
Based on the love of God
That fills my lonely heart
A love so pure and constant
No storm can drift me apart
The path is to push forward
No reason to stall
I abide in His love
Knowing in Him I have all I desire
Believing His will is higher
Than expectations I once believed
Would really satisfy my needs
Now looking back
I have a clear sight
That the pain was a disguise
To show me a part of Him
I would never see in happy times



Why do I fight?
What good is it to my life?
The struggle inside
Of doing my will
Or following Christ’s
Hard I excuse
Bringing to my human mind
Incomprehension of the Divine
For it is not my mind who needs
To bring reasoning to this
But my spirit in me
Listen to His Word
Accept and keep
Though my ways may seem good
The future is only known to Him who
Is the beginning and the end
The maker of heaven and earth
Him who always knows what’s best
I relinquish my will to His way
Having assurance in me
That His will is always for my good
Even when I don’t think



Are my eyes opened or are they closed?
Opened to my view
Closed to God’s
Do I really want to see?
Or just hiding under shadows I live
Of how things should be
Oblivious to the light God wants to shine in me
Oh how I want to see!
Should things be reversed?
Close my eyes to my views
Let God’s vision intrude
To see how He sees
A more expanded view
One that goes farther than I can see
He, the Beginning, who knows what I am to live
Should I give Him all my trust?
Rely on His vision than on mine?
A vision of eternity and glory divine?
Of plans that overpass thoughts?
Yes, I choose Your vision
I close my eyes, I trust

Poetry: ©Y.R.
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Speaking Heart

Let your heart speak
All that you hold within
The feelings that pressure
Forcing out the hidden treasure
Of who you are
Let your heart
Bring forth the words
Those never heard
Those you think insane
That many not understand
But I do
I want to hear them all
The essence of your soul
What’s beneath it all
Tell me, let me know
Don’t let shame stop you though
Theres no shame in truth
To say and to be you
To be honest and real
Your words are your appeal
To trust you more and more
Don’t let fear become a wall
Making silence great enemy in all
Impeding me to walk
With liberty in your life
How can I walk in the dark?
Is the light of your opened heart
That shines the trust path
Things have to be right
Let honesty and truth always abide
Then freedom will be your life
And everything will be alright


That Moment

That moment
Where I see things different
Where I notice the spark
Revelation from divine
Where Christ’s light shines
Oh how He opens our eyes!
To see what we didn’t see
Clouded by all the turmoil within

It’s that moment
When I realize
The pain and suffering
Changed something in my life
I see all clear inside of me
All the lies of the enemy I believed
And now with the truth
My soul receives freedom
My heart fills with peace
I don’t longer see the pain as a burden
But a lesson to keep
That what God does
Is always better for me

It’s that moment
That I can rejoice with praise
God shows why is worth the pain
To surrender our wishes and dreams
For what He has is greater
Than now we can see
Walking in the path of Christ
That in every situation
His light may shine


A Song

Theres a song birthing in me
One I want to sing
To the top of my lungs
I want to shout this song
A song of freedom
To my Lord
Express through it
What I feel inside
Express the gratitude
Of His work in my life
I want to sing
Just bring through my song
An ultimate praise of joy
That glorifies my God
That all may hear
And even sing along
Expressing how wonderful is God
Who helps through all


New Victory

I have risen
My light shines
In the presence
Of Him, my God divine
I have understood
The greatness of Your presence
The faithfulness in You
That in all things
You are all in control
That from the pit
You rescued my soul
Oh how much I give
Glory and praise
To Christ, my Saviour, my Lord
The renewer of my strength
The One who makes all things new
With the fullness of His Love
A love so powerful
No one can match
No human on Earth
Can ever surpass
It is that love
That fills me indeed
That opens my eyes
That the truth I may see
That all that matters
Is who is by my side
My God the Mighty Warrior
Who wins all battles of mine


Let My Tears Roll

Let my tears roll
For I have suffered long
Keeping all bottled up
Pretending nothing is going on

Let my tears roll
Have them cleanse out my soul
Leaving burdens on the throne
Where all can be changed
My sorrow and pain
Every drop take away
All confusion and dismay

Let my tears roll
Change my hardened heart
Into a new flesh one

Let my tears roll
So I be renewed
All things made new
Breathing again life

Let my tears roll
Let my soul be lifted up
Higher than ever above
Up to the heavens
Where you are Oh, Lord

Let my tears roll
Let your presence fill
All that’s empty in me
I want to see your glory
Powerful as I never lived

Let my tears roll
I want to be free
Pouring out my heart
I find freedom indeed

Let my tears roll
Until all is taken away
Till I receive new strength
In the presence of my Christ
Who gives me victory in my pain

Poetry: ©Y.R.


I have held on to You
Trusting all the promises
All the things You said you will do
In my wait
I breath your peace
I see Your work in me
Even through tough times
You have been strengthening me
I express deep gratitud
To my God
The Almighty


The Cry

My heart is blowing up
My thoughts can’t go no more
I can’t find a stop
I have to find an exit in all

Oh how I wish I find
The exit to uncertainty inside
I want to break free
Be myself, the real me,
The one, You, God created to be

I want to laugh
Laugh again so hard
Surrounded by the joy
The one Your Spirit in me surpass

I need a moment
A long one to reflect
To think, organize, forget
All these emotions inside
Lord, please help!
I need Your power divine

That soothing no human balm can give
That marvellous touch
Surrounding me with Your love so big
It is You!
Only You I need!
Its Your presence I seek!

For I know tears now don’t cease
But with one touch from You
I will smile again
I’ll be truly free


Hope for Them

Looking back
At the kindness given
At all that has been forgiven
To those that hurt my life
I come to realize
The great challenges of this path
The road of giving
Not waiting for a return
Giving more than a human wants
Being like Christ
Even when it hurts
Trusting God will heal, restore
And give life again
Hoping God’s touch would come to people’s heart
That for once they would understand
That soon they can realize
The only solution for their life
Is Christ’s Eternal Life
It’s my hope for them to find
What has been my greatest gift in life
The love unconditional to abide
And mercy freely received
Of Christ, the Savior
The one that changes
Makes a life complete



My faith faided
Dying slowly
It gasped for air
Trying to stay alive in all despair
I tried to help her
I held her hand tightly
I whispered, “You will survive”
But Inside of me asking
How could she stay alive?
There was nothing to bring back her health
What could give her hope?
Renew her? Make her well?
If she only held on one more minute
Breath a little deeper
And wait on her deliverer
He will come, I whispered
Just hold on
Trust His Word
It makes you strong!
Faith! Don’t die!!!
He has said He will deliver
He will never lie!
You can’t give up
You are too close
Come and rise up!
It is the time to cling
To the promise He gave you
That He will never leave
To always keep strong
Your battle He has won!
I see now your smile
My heart jumps with joy
Seeing your strength
With quickness rising up
How lovely you look!
I cannot describe
The great strength you regained
Knowing God will be there with you
Always till the end
Knowing He will keep you alive
With you I’m assured His glory in my life will shine

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It’s Time

It’s time to let go
It’s time to advance
To push foward
Over all circumstance
To find the happiness within
The joy that Christ brings
It’s time to forget
To stop the regrets
To focus on future events
It’s time to be free
From prisons within
From all that has hurt
No past can be changed
Just the future we have
To receive what God has
Given to us to enjoy our lives
It’s just that time
To start over and live
To not pity ourselves in
Accepting the peace
Jesus promised to give
Just enjoy what we have
The greatest gift of life
The assurance of salvation
Through Jesus Christ, Eternal Life


The Voice

Listen to the voice
The one you hear call
Speaking to your soul
Is not your conscious
Is the voice of God
Yes, the strong one
The one you struggle with
Trying to the way lead
And you keep shutting it
You keep pretending to be deaf
Than surrender to Him who wants best
The harm is not on God
The harm is on you
Struggling alone
Carrying the burden
Of things you can’t resolve
How long is it going to be?
Till you realize the pain
You’re choosing to bare
Could be taken away
If you give Him all your despair.



I will not understand
Where God always takes me
The road is not a smooth path
Is not that is bad in all of it
Is the unknown journey
That springs from it
I can’t say that I know
Where His guidance will lead
I just rest in His faithfulness
In His promise to be always with me
That is enough for me to walk
To not fear in the road
But to keep firmly step by step in it
God is by my side
I’m protected, I’m blessed, I’m Free!

Killing Change

Felt like life was leaving me
Then realized the truth in it.
It wasn’t life leaving at all
It was God cleansing
My broken and tired soul.
The pain that I thought
Was death calling me
Was the fight of my flesh
And the spirit in me.
It is not a simple fight
Struggling inside of me
It is a full surrendering
Of myself to Him.
The tearing and breaking
That’s experienced in me
It’s the cry of my heart
To regain my life
To see who God made
Not who the world changed inside.
Is costing every bit of air that I breath
Killing myself;killing my flesh
All for the Spirit to be strong in me.
I wish it were easier
I would tell you for sure
But this suffering can’t compare
To the glory in stored.
That no matter how hard
This process can be
Is worth to see His glory
And the change He’ll do in me.


Broken Dream


I once lived a dream
So powerfully real!
Invading my senses and heart
It made it race from the start.

How real was it?
So much!
Too real to my senses
Too real to the touch

But the feeling
Tainted it was
Covered under the cloud
Was hidden a lie

No matter how wondeful
This dream turned to be
The lie that was hidden
Rotted it from within

Not yet discovered
Not yet seen
The presence of this lie
Killed the dream

As much as we wanted
The dream to proceed
It would have never lasted
A dream so unreal
A dream in a dream

There needed to be
A break from the dream
A wake up moment
Reality to peek

That all that was lived
Could not be kept alive
In a dreamy cloud
Hidding hurts and lies

Now at the wake
From this dream is
Pieces of a heart
To deal with

A hurting heart
That just woke up
Realizing with pain
The dream had to stop

Who will deal with such?
The only One who knows
The pain and suffering
Given from those He loved

He who even when hurt
Forgave them all
With no regret
Jesus, the healer of all heart’s pain.

Poetry ©Y.R.
Image: Google

Free Man

I once knew a man
Who gave thought to his life
Wondering each day
How he would survive

Pondering and planning within
Constantly seeking
The real truth of life
That would set him free

How many thoughts ran
Through his stressed head
No solution evident
Him feeling astray

Though days passed slowly
And answers untold
The struggled continued
Deepening in his soul

Until one great day
Acknowledge he did
Christ the Savior
As having the freedom key

It was in that day
His eyes fully rose
Looking at heaven
Thanking the Almighty God

For now he is different
Changing man is he
A man saved by Grace
A man freed complete


A Writer’s Cry

There’s a writer’s cry
Coming from within
The storm inside
Wanting to exit

There are so many words
The ones reflected in our minds
Those that stop and can’t come out
At the moment when to write

It is a constant battle
That we face each day
Having so many words
And these cannot say

How do we set them free? I ask
From both prisons of soul and mind
One keeps them trapped in emotions
The other keeps them from our uttering voices

Can this be fair?
I do not think
The battle a writer
Has with his gift within

Yes, this gift
So precious in its own
We take the world
And through our words transform

How can I let it go?
How can I keep it trapped?
There is so much to say
So many lives to impact

I will not, I tell the writer in me
I will use what God has given me, my gift
I will share the words of the greatness He has done
Through my words, YOU, my reader can meet His Son