All my world turns 

Spinning again

In the direction 

Of the straight and narrow road

Where I find all

That I ever wanted and more

The path of everlasting love

The path of greatness in all

The path that leads me to a glory awe…



In the silence of a voice much of all is told…

The cry from deep in the soul…

Reaches out to God… 

The only one that knows…

The one in control…

Who knows the best…

Who knows ALL…


A Thought

There are times I do not know how to keep on…
I look up and call upon the name of Jesus!
Then, only then is my spirit lifted up, my strength renewed and by hope restored.

Simple – God hears and will lift you up


I want to wish you all a wonderful New Year 2015!!!

May God show you a part of Him you have yet seen..
May His glory shine over thee…
That in the troubles that may arise…
Know that God is there by your side…

Poetry: ©Y.R.


It’s a time to reflect on the things that matter the most. God is always with us. Let Christ in our hearts show to others with love in this season. God bless you all.



Note To My Followers

WoW!!!! So many new readers and followers! I am so grateful to all!!!! I thank each one that has read, enjoyed, liked and followed my writing. I hope the latest poetry has been a blessing to your life.
I hope you can identify with the poetic expressions. There are different life situations which as Christians we go through like any other person. The difference is that at the same time we can be confident that God is with us guiding and protecting till the end in Jesus name.

May God Bless You Enormously,

Blog Update

Dear Followers and Readers!

I hope everyone is doing great. Thanks be to God I am still sane after this merging. Those that have visited GINOSKOCHRIST have noticed the gradual changes, and things that have been disappearing. I ask all my followers from Ginoskochrist to keep changing to following now GINOSKOCRISTO. I know is going to take a while. You all have been kindly patient with me so will I. The blog will stay on Public status, but all posts English and Spanish will be here on Ginoskocristo. I sincerely appreciate your support.

Have fun here. I have maintained all the categories from each blog. On POSTS you will be able to find the posts in the Language you like. May you enjoy and be blessed with the lines that come out of my head whether in English or Spanish. May God Bless You!


Today I Am Thankful!!!!

I am truly thankful to The Lord for allowing one more year serving Him and rejoicing in Him!
He has done more than I have thought He would!

Thank you Christ for your sacrifice! Without You Lord I AM NOTHING! Praise God!


Note – New Followers



Hello! May God bless you abundantly! I want to extend a warm welcome to my new followers! I would normally go and write on each individuaI blog, unfortunately, I am quite busy these days and truly there has been more than I expected which I am truly greatful. I still did not want to pass the opportunity to say THANK YOU!!!!!!!! I hope on the Lord this blog may be a blessing to your life and that through poetry, a word and others your spirit may be refreshed by the Holy Spirit. This walk is not easy, but its reward goes far beyond our expectations.

Don’t give up on the Lord…He will never give up on you! HE IS FAITHFUL!

Note – I Am Back!!!!!

I hope everyone is ok. I want to apologize for my abscence. Traveling and other thing kept me busy. Also I have had to do a mid-year restructuring. It has been hard but necessary. God has been faithful in the middle of everything and will continue through the rest of this year. May God bless you!

Note – Sick


There are good days and bad days. This past week has been like that. On the good part blessed by the greatness God does in my life and in the life of others and bad cause I have been sick. Sorry for not writing so much; this has been the reason.  Is rare, thanks to God, but it happens. I am alright now starting over again on the writing.

During these days I realized that this blog is not only an expression network (as I call it) but is more than that. I felt bad for not writing the truth is nothing came to me. It may have been caused by all the medication taken. I still wanted to write. I felt distant from all of you and in someway guilty for not asuming my responsability.  I had not realized how a blog can demand such a responsability, but it is part of socializing in this type of network. I am glad I don’t see these blogs as just mere lines, but a connection with each reader and follower. There is someone out there waiting to find in the strings of the World Wide Web a word of hope, love and just plainly something truthful and real that will fill the void in their heart. Every line we write will either edify or destroy. There is no gray area. I am striving for the first. I pray that every line that is written may bring to your life what you have been longing for. That anyone out there that feels empty will find in Christ what I have  found His precious love that no other person, thing or situation could give  and fill the heart.

Note – Boston


I want us to think about this tragic event. Pray for the people injured, lost and harmed and their families. The times we are living are not getting better. We have to be prepared and cling more to God than ever. More than ever prayer has to be our best weapon to use. My prayer goes to all of Boston. This is another event that did not hurt individuals but it has shaken the nation. May God give strength to all.



I am back!!!!!!! My dashboard back to normal and my internet connection kind of sane… I am glad to be able again to go through your blogs and thank you! If I missed someone please let me know. 🙂

Well, back to writing! God bless you!



I want to apologize to those whose have been so kind in visiting my blog for the first time. I have not been able to visit your blogs and thank you. On the iPad I am not able to reach your blogs. My connection to WordPress and internet have been kind of crazy. Please excuse me. I will resume writing as soon as everything can get fixed.

God bless you!

Note – Theme Change?


If you followed me since I began this blog officially in February 2013 you may have noticed I did some redecorating since then. I like the decoration, but there is a Premium Theme I absolutely love. I am pondering on the thought of purchasing it for this blog. The twin Spanish blog is still in debate.

Any of you purchased one?

Is there anything I have to consider about it?

Most importantly, is it really worth it?

I have read the WordPress guide, but I want feedback from actual owners of Premium Themes. I would appreciate if you guys can give me some advice…comment as you wish…:D

Note 2 – Thank You

imagesCAU437CZI want to take a moment to thank my followers and readers! It reached 100 likes!!!!!! Yes, it may not be much to others that their blog is sky rising, but for me it means so much. I been writing for years, but I am new at blogging. I am still learning about it. Any tips and advice are very welcome! Is not the number that I reached, but the blessing this blog can bring to your life. I am just glad all of you can be blessed through it. 😀