My Will?

How naïve have I been!
Thinking my way is the ease
That I can graciously formulate
The plan of my life
Not realizing the little resources I have.
Futile thoughts my mind thinks
Pondering ways to God’s will skip
I am only deceiving 
Oh my! My own self!
Fighting with weak strength
The will of my Creator!
Poor of my soul!
A wretch is he
In its own way wanting to proceed
I wondering if that is the cause
Of what now goes
I feeling trapped in my own goals
Stuck in a tangle that doesn’t seem to clear
A tangle of all everything God doesn’t want near
Waiting for me is my Savior Divine
Waiting for me to decide
If I will break free of what I want

And finally to Him surrender my will and life


True Love


I will love you
More than you can comprehend
I will love you for ever
My love will never change

This I’ve tried to tell you
Oh, so many times
Tell you that I love you
No matter what you do, have done
No matter the circumstance

How can I be so sure
That this promise is true?
I am who created you
No one knows you like I do

My promise is unconditional
There is no limitation in it
Just a pureness of truth
That only I, your God have it

Your human mind cannot comprehend
The truth and reality
That is so great
I will be with you till the end

Trust Me, I tell you
You will see
If others do leave you
I will surely stay with thee

There is no other love
That can be like mine
My love has been prove
Sending my Son for you to die