December: Resolutions

December is considered the month of change for many. Woman start planning their after-Christmas weight loss program. Men think about their finances, jobs and families. People start thinking about what is to come on the new year and what changes they can do for it. They call it resolutions. Resolution is defined as the act or instance of resolving. They look into resolving what was left undone this past year, and in a certain way, mend it by trying again or determining a new approach. That is a wise choice if we actually act upon it. There is always room for change and improvement. It is always wise to change habits and behaviors in order to grow into a better person.
But what happens when we concentrate so much on making new changes and strategies for the daily things left undone that we neglect to look back at the most important part of our life in this past year? There is one resolution that people neglect to think or give importance to, their daily relationship with God. Have you given some thought about the resolutions you are going to make in your daily relationship with Christ? If you have one, how is your commitment level going to be? If you still don’t, are you willing to give Him the chance this year to be Saviour of your life? Without this particular resolution all other come to nothing. We need God for everything. When we give priority to our daily life with Him, He takes care and guides us in wisdom for everything else.

Don’t only concentrate on the daily life issues that have happened this year, but also reflect on how your relationship with God has been. Maybe the most resolution to determine this year is to make God the absolute priority in your life.

On This Day 19 – God Knows


On this day just relax…God knows…

We live so worried about God’s will for our lives. I know how frustrating it can be when we know we have to make decisions, but we don’t know how to proceed. Like me, you may be asking yourself, how can I know? Is all through prayer, His Word and over all Faith in His guidance. Even if things don’t make sense now and the way God is taking you may not seem “normal” to your thinking when you trust Him that all His plans are to prosper you and not to harm you; you will be able to move in Faith.  Today understand God knows. His plans are perfect. Just Trust Him.