I Need A Change

I do not understand
The things I do
How my emotions control my attitude
How can I say “I’m a child of God”
When I treat people like scum?
When I hide my words
In my attitudes show my hurt
Not a nice pondering is this
Realizing a change has to be done in me
Yes, in me!
Not in the people around
But in my inside grounds
In the deepness
Of me there needs a change
A cleansing of bitterness and unforgiveness
Yes, it hurts
For me to realize
That instead of receiving healing
I’ve let unforgiveness rule over me
I cannot pretend that I’m ok
I need Your healing, Lord, promptly today!
If not I will perish in internal deceit
Of a fake and temporary peace
I want to be free in my spirit and soul
Seeing the light of Your love
That as You forgave me
So shall I have to procede
For it’s Your forgiveness that gave me a reason to live
I cannot do this on my own
I need Your help and guidance
Please help my Lord!


Day III – Saying What Hurts


On this day I am acknowledging how many times I have been wrong

The saying is always “I am only human”…

In reality more than our desired times we use that as an excuse to cover up the reality that we have made mistakes and sinned. We don’t like to admit we are wrong. We think only in actions and words we harm others, but also our thoughts towards them can build up and spring up attitudes towards them that we do not even realize. Admitting what we have thought, said or done wrong makes us vulnerable and our ego is not willing to let its guard down. Sadly, that becomes our hinderance in everything. Towards God it becomes the hinderance in prayer and in our relationship with Him. With others it takes the toll of not only falseness, but bitterness and resentment. The only thing holding our ego up will do is put a barrier between you and the person and God. You will not be able to receive healing through forgiveness towards the person. You will not be able to come closer to God. If we only learn to let our guard down and admit we are wrong. If we only could forgive. If we would go ask for forgiveness not only to God, but first to the person we have done wrong then satan’s manipulation party will be over with us! We would be healed and have absolute liberty to in our relationship with God. Ask for forgiveness to whom you have done wrong and forgive those that have hurt you too.

Pray to God for forgiveness.

Matthew 6:14-15

For if you forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you.  But if you do not forgive men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.

On this day I admit my mistakes, receive forgiveness and keep on in the wonderful mercy that God has provided. I hope you can to.