Let the heart rejoice!
Free at last
Decided to blast
All chains bounding to the past
It’s not easy
A job that’s hard
A decision is where it starts
Not based on feelings
Nor circumstance
Based on the love of God
That fills my lonely heart
A love so pure and constant
No storm can drift me apart
The path is to push forward
No reason to stall
I abide in His love
Knowing in Him I have all I desire
Believing His will is higher
Than expectations I once believed
Would really satisfy my needs
Now looking back
I have a clear sight
That the pain was a disguise
To show me a part of Him
I would never see in happy times


My Cry

If anyone hears my cry

I want you to know

This cry is not of sorrow

It’s a cry for help

Coming from the deepness of me

Crying Lord help

I need You indeed!

It is not only now that I cry

It is continuous repetition inside

A daily prayer calling to the Divine.

He who knows all that I can’t see

The One that can fulfill all my needs

I cry Lord, help me please!

It is my cry of dependance

It is my cry of submission

That in the midst of trials and temptations

It is He only who can deliver.

I cry because there is no one else

Silent to all others are my words

It is He who hears

This cry from my soul silent in tears.


On This Day: Let God Show

         I wonder…How many times we strive to get noticed and to be acknowledge by other people? In our society that is the norm. We do not like to be anonymous to the whole world.

  What happens when God allows that same thing you fear to come to pass? You are not noticed. No one acknowledges what you do or the effort you put. Would your frustration build up and explode before those that neglected you? Will you go above and beyond to make yourself noticed or would you sit, reflect and ask God what are You trying to teach me? This is where we get stuck. We forget that there is One that sees everything and knows everything…God.

Everything we do in our lives should be done to please Him whether people acknowledge it or not. We should not live trying to find favor in people. You will always disappoint someone. We should always look up to please Him who can reward us greater than any human being can. His recompense is far more abundantly than we can imagine.

On this day let God exalt you on His time.  Even if he doesnt exalt you before men praise Him because you are pleasing Him with your obedience. The eternal life given by Christ’s sacrifice is the best reward for this obedience.

Yes, all of you be submissive to one another, and be clothed with humility, for

“God resists the proud,
But gives grace to the humble.”

Therefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you in due time… 1 Peter 5:5a-6

I Lived It


Some situations that in life arise
In no explanation can they abide
These trials we face each night and day
The grief within which decided to stay…

I want to share
The feelings that embark
Our souls’ navigation through the dark
What if I told you the light will shine?
What if I told you will survive?

You would probably ask me why?…
Why can I be so sure?
The troubles are many
My life is unsure!

I would tell you what I lived…
I went through them – the winds
You’re navigating through
The sorrow of being distraught; not having a clue…

I had my moments of giving up
I had the breath almost leave my soul
But at the right moment it came to me
A Word of hope no one else could repeat….

The one that comes from our Father above
Saying, “I will be with you through the end;
I will never leave you alone”

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I Died

My death was mind bogging and strenuous indeed

I hope I was going to live

With no hope left I died in me

Inside, where the feelings lie

That is where my life ended

Where I can’t go back to life.

I don’t want to revive, but

Come into a new life.

A life that I can be truly happy indeed

A life I can feel love inside me

Who can give me that?

there is no man alive that can prove to posses,

Any ability that can bring forth success

Over the situation of death

That has destroyed my inside; of me, the best.

I just come to think there is,

One which is not of this world

Powerful all in Himself

No help needing in the rescue

Of my broken soul and tormented mind

Jesus Christ, He can give me real life.

I only ask this prayer He hears

To depart my death and fears.

I need the life, the eternal that you give

It is only in You that I can really live

I need of you to cleanse me of my sins


On This Day – Praise Him For The Bad

You may be facing the worst right now. Things are marching in opposite direction to your expectations. You have made big mistakes that have cost you. Have you ever thought about thanking God for those troubles and mistakes? Yes, thanking! Why? We always see failures as the rut. That which kills everything we thought could be possible. Failures are the most of which we can be thankful for. It is through them we discover our insufficiency and the small limits we have. We learn to rely on God alone not our resources or influence or strength. We should praise God when things do not work always in our favor because it is through them that we are drawn to the Only One that can do the impossible and has the power to do exceedingly and abundantly more than we can imagine. Thank God for these situations you are facing. Count on God’s guidance in all. Most of all know that the most wonderful miracle that He would do will be in you. So praise Him! You will receive answer to your prayer and will see God’s marvelous work in your life! This will be the greatest gift you will receive.

December: Resolutions

December is considered the month of change for many. Woman start planning their after-Christmas weight loss program. Men think about their finances, jobs and families. People start thinking about what is to come on the new year and what changes they can do for it. They call it resolutions. Resolution is defined as the act or instance of resolving. They look into resolving what was left undone this past year, and in a certain way, mend it by trying again or determining a new approach. That is a wise choice if we actually act upon it. There is always room for change and improvement. It is always wise to change habits and behaviors in order to grow into a better person.
But what happens when we concentrate so much on making new changes and strategies for the daily things left undone that we neglect to look back at the most important part of our life in this past year? There is one resolution that people neglect to think or give importance to, their daily relationship with God. Have you given some thought about the resolutions you are going to make in your daily relationship with Christ? If you have one, how is your commitment level going to be? If you still don’t, are you willing to give Him the chance this year to be Saviour of your life? Without this particular resolution all other come to nothing. We need God for everything. When we give priority to our daily life with Him, He takes care and guides us in wisdom for everything else.

Don’t only concentrate on the daily life issues that have happened this year, but also reflect on how your relationship with God has been. Maybe the most resolution to determine this year is to make God the absolute priority in your life.


Its the shadow of the unknown

Its the breeze that blows without notice

The surprising yawning

It is all that I can’t control

I look at them

Through my eyes in rain

I can not stop to be afraid

Of what may come my way

I could stop all

I could hide from everything I don’t know

But is that senseless

To the world that God has placed me to grow?

It is senseless  on my part

Retrieving because of fear of what may come

I prefer confronting and moving on

I have someone I can truly trust

He knows what I know not

He can guide me to victory in all

He has the power to control

Everything adverse and more

Christ, that is His name

There’s no other like Him on Earth

My security I can see in Him

Because of His death I can live freely indeed


How Do You Feel?


How do you feel right now?

Do you feel anxious? Probably doing that “tick” thing that you do when you are trying to keep your head straight.

Maybe you are worried about the decisions you have to make. You are analyzing every possible scenario creating different situations that may come.

Maybe you are just trying to finish something that seems never to be finished.

Maybe your relationships are never coming to the happily ever after and frustration has sinked in.

Maybe you feel empty because as much as you try to fill with material things or entertainments the void does not seem to go away.

Maybe loneliness has trapped you. Even with people around you it seems you’re the only being on the planet.

How many times have people asked you this? Unless people know of a situation that is going on in your life most likely they won’t. Most of the time we forget that every day God wants to know how we feel. He wants us to pour our hearts in His presence and tell Him what has hurt us or what struggle we are facing that we have no clue to. Yes, God knows everything, but in His lovingkindness He wants to have this wonderful relationship with us that we may share everything with Him. He wants us to go to Him FIRST and tell Him what is going on inside us. The wonderful part is that there is no protocol! We can present ourselves before Him. Doesn’t matter if you are throwing a tantrum, looking at the ceiling crying, or just asking why; He will hear. David understood this clearly. He came before the Lord with questions, praises, ashamed, needing comfort, not understanding and pretty much every possible way. David knew the only one that will truly understand how he felt was the One who created him and had the power to change everything for his good.

The question is no longer how do you feel. Is Do you know who KNOWS how you feel?                              The only One is Christ.

For we have not an high priest which cannot be touched with the feeling of our infirmities; but was in all points tempted like as we are, yet without sin.                                                                                       Hebrews 4:15

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No veo mucho en el horizonte

No veo nada que me de alas

Pero aun en medio de nada

Late mi corazón de emocion

No por la situación

Que en estos momentos vivo

Sino emoción por el destino

Que ha designado mi Senor

Un destino tan hermoso

El cual ha tomado tiempo cuidadoso

En ordenarlo a mi favor

Espero ansiosa los sucesos por venir

Y en medio de el latir 

De mi emocionado corazón

Elevo en alto mi adoración

Al que cumple lo que promete

Por encima de los obstáculos y detente

Cumplirá grandemente aquello que ha prometido

Una sorpresa grandiosa ha de desatar en mi destino…

Solo Espero y Suspiro

Poesia Y.R.

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By Him I Won


I would tell you I have seen all

That no fear takes over my soul

That I am able to overcome it all

But is not true, I’m yet that strong

Reality on my door knocks

Showing me my sad truth

I cannot overcome trials on my own

I need someone that knows what to do

Knows the fight and the fighters

Knows the strategies that need deciding

Have the over exceeding power

To bring down any force

Where do I find it, you may ask?

That, I tell you, is no difficult task

He that always sees the trials and situations

That come over in my life through every direction

He does not leave me alone

Even when I think I may not overcome

He always shows me that indeed

My strength to fight increases in Him

He,  I tell you is the Lord

The powerful mighty warrior

The one that victory owns

He is who fights my battles

By Him I won

Poetry Y.R.

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Dejar todo en las manos de Dios es RENDIRSE!

Rendirse a tomar decisiones basadas en emociones,
Rendirse de analizar las opciones que alimentan nuestro orgullo,
Rendirse a creer que la solución esta en nuestras manos,
Rendirse de mantener cualquier pizca de control.
La madurez espiritual se ve en la valentía que tienes para rendirte de hacer las cosas a tu manera y dejar las cosas en las manos de Dios

Estas dispuesto? Te aseguro valdra la pena




You have come to me many times
In the hardest moments of life
Displaying your power and might

You appear when my heart sinks low
When emotions in me stir up
You make me feel all wrong

I see you when I want to hide
When I run in light years time
Escaping from you; you the one inside

I sometimes pretend I can survive
That under your influence I can still rise
You are just an emotion that can be demised

Yes, even under the pain you have caused
I can still say you are not in control
I will cast you out in the name of the Lord

Fear, mighty strong you are called
I have seen your works of deception and control
But I have been freed from your stronghold

Dominion and power over me you have lost
Love, peace and joy reign in my soul
I have been freed from fear, liberty is my new song

Poetry Y.R.
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Today I Am Thankful!!!!

I am truly thankful to The Lord for allowing one more year serving Him and rejoicing in Him!
He has done more than I have thought He would!

Thank you Christ for your sacrifice! Without You Lord I AM NOTHING! Praise God!


El Caminar


Es todo tan confuso
Sentirme en lo obscuro
De preguntas sin contestar
Encontrar tantos caminos
Sin saber cual andar
Es esta realidad
La que me hace enfrentar
Que no soy yo quien determina
El rumbo que va mi vida
Ni a donde he de llegar
Que todo esta en un plan
Muy bien elaborado
Aunque a mi ha desconcertado
No saber en totalidad
Sólo puedo en verdad
Creer en lo prometido
Un destino dirigido
Por el Creador del Universo
El Dios poderoso y cierto
Que promete y cumplirá
Y aún en mi desconcierto
Tengo en mi certero
El no fallara
Su propósito es perfecto
Y para cumplirlo me llevara
El dirigirá
Cada paso en mi vida
Sorpresas me dará cada día
Y seré siempre testigo de Su fidelidad
Esa es la certeza en mi caminar

Poesía Y.R.
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On This Day 31 – Bless Him


Psalm 34:1 says,
“I will bless the Lord at All times; His praise shall continually be in my mouth”

When do you bless the Lord? Do you just praise His name when things are good? Do you exalt Him when things go your way and according to plan? David understood the need to bless (exalt) God at ALL times. In good times and bad times. In desperate times and anxious times. If we only could get that in our head! It is dificult, I admit, when a problem arises to give praise to God, but that is exactly what He wants. Instead of complaining about the problem praise God for who He is, and that He has the infinite power to change whatever problem is in the way for your good. The question is, do you believe God is able? Faith takes you that level where even in the midst of the worst scenario you can bless the Lord.

Today even in this bad moment you are going through bless the Lord. You will see His wonderful love and presence cover you and strengthen you to keep on.

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En Este Dia 31 – Ten Paciencia

Hoy quiero compartirles una imagen que me envio una muy querida amiga. Es maravilloso cuando Dios usa a gente que aun a la distancia pueden proveer una palabra de aliento y fe.


On This Day 30 – Do Not Stop, God Will Lead


I know is the easy route giving up
When you are in the road
Leading everywhere except where you want to be

We sometimes think God’s road is not right
All because of our human mind
But looking closer we do see
His ways are higher than me

I wish I could go my way, I think
But my way has never got me where I want to be
It has just lead me to pain and shame
God’s road takes me from glory to glory through His grace

Today I will let Him lead the way
I may not understand it at first
But through His Word He will light
The paths of darkness I may find

I just trust over all and everything I see
God’s purpose in my life will be done
And no one will impede

Poetry Y.R.

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Encaminandome A Ver Gloria

Voy encaminandome a ver gloria
Aun en medio de dolor y sombras
Veo mas alla una luz que asombra
Que dislumbra el dolor que me arropa

Voy encaminandome a ver gloria
Aun en medio de lo que no entienda
En las circumstancias mas adversas
Seguridad plena tengo que algo Dios hara

Voy encaminandome a ver gloria
Sobrepasando todo obstáculo
Siendo dirigido por su Espíritu Santo
Seguire y llegare; mi victoria pensando

Voy encaminandome a ver gloria
Por que es mi destino
Es lo que mi Dios ha dicho
Que soy mas que vencedor en Cristo