Just Happy!


It is so hard to be happy sometimes. Notice what I said be not feel. I always struggled with this. I wanted to feel happy every day, but rarely decided to be happy.

Feeling happy goes away as quick as the wind blows our way the wrong direction, but being happy is different. When I feel happy is an emotion, but when I’m being happy that means I am content and have joy. Everything may not be going how I want, but I am still enjoying life. Don’t we say we want to be happy in life? Most times when things are good we say I feel happy today. Just today? The circumstances are dictating if you are happy or not happy. Happiness is more of the inside than the outside. It is not about what happens, but of what we choose. That is when happiness turns to joy.  If we choose to be happy then joy will be your companion. If we let outside circumstances dictate our happiness we will constantly be on an emotional roller coaster of happiness, sadness, disapointment and other feelings that may come. Yes, these come from time to time. Is not like you will be laughing and giggling all the time, but you have a surety inside of you that you still have joy.  This is how I can see it.

“…Do not sorrow, for the joy of the Lord is your strength.”  Nehemiah 8:10b

I always wanted to feel happy and be like many people giggling all the time. I am not like that. I thought something was wrong with me. I learned happiness is a certainty that this life is a gift from God for me to enjoy it. That every day has its challenges, but with God by my side I will  face it. Just knowing He will be always by my side no matter what is the best reason to have joy in my life. When I serve God diligently and seek His face the Joy of the Lord becomes my strength in every situation. This is what allows me to not only feel happy, but BE happy in my life.