A Thought

There are times I do not know how to keep on…
I look up and call upon the name of Jesus!
Then, only then is my spirit lifted up, my strength renewed and by hope restored.

Simple – God hears and will lift you up


Let the heart rejoice!
Free at last
Decided to blast
All chains bounding to the past
It’s not easy
A job that’s hard
A decision is where it starts
Not based on feelings
Nor circumstance
Based on the love of God
That fills my lonely heart
A love so pure and constant
No storm can drift me apart
The path is to push forward
No reason to stall
I abide in His love
Knowing in Him I have all I desire
Believing His will is higher
Than expectations I once believed
Would really satisfy my needs
Now looking back
I have a clear sight
That the pain was a disguise
To show me a part of Him
I would never see in happy times


Let My Tears Roll

Let my tears roll
For I have suffered long
Keeping all bottled up
Pretending nothing is going on

Let my tears roll
Have them cleanse out my soul
Leaving burdens on the throne
Where all can be changed
My sorrow and pain
Every drop take away
All confusion and dismay

Let my tears roll
Change my hardened heart
Into a new flesh one

Let my tears roll
So I be renewed
All things made new
Breathing again life

Let my tears roll
Let my soul be lifted up
Higher than ever above
Up to the heavens
Where you are Oh, Lord

Let my tears roll
Let your presence fill
All that’s empty in me
I want to see your glory
Powerful as I never lived

Let my tears roll
I want to be free
Pouring out my heart
I find freedom indeed

Let my tears roll
Until all is taken away
Till I receive new strength
In the presence of my Christ
Who gives me victory in my pain

Poetry: ©Y.R.
Image: glogster.com

Hope for Them

Looking back
At the kindness given
At all that has been forgiven
To those that hurt my life
I come to realize
The great challenges of this path
The road of giving
Not waiting for a return
Giving more than a human wants
Being like Christ
Even when it hurts
Trusting God will heal, restore
And give life again
Hoping God’s touch would come to people’s heart
That for once they would understand
That soon they can realize
The only solution for their life
Is Christ’s Eternal Life
It’s my hope for them to find
What has been my greatest gift in life
The love unconditional to abide
And mercy freely received
Of Christ, the Savior
The one that changes
Makes a life complete


I Lived It


Some situations that in life arise
In no explanation can they abide
These trials we face each night and day
The grief within which decided to stay…

I want to share
The feelings that embark
Our souls’ navigation through the dark
What if I told you the light will shine?
What if I told you will survive?

You would probably ask me why?…
Why can I be so sure?
The troubles are many
My life is unsure!

I would tell you what I lived…
I went through them – the winds
You’re navigating through
The sorrow of being distraught; not having a clue…

I had my moments of giving up
I had the breath almost leave my soul
But at the right moment it came to me
A Word of hope no one else could repeat….

The one that comes from our Father above
Saying, “I will be with you through the end;
I will never leave you alone”

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Story Of A Man


I will tell you today

About a lost who never seem to find his way

During times frustration will fill

The deepness of his heart and will

How could he find what was never found?

How would he reach that which was not around?

His desires sank low

In the shadows of despair and lack of hope

What was he going to do?

He knew not the way to pursue

A dream, a thought or just something new

There was nothing that he could see

Something that will give the hope that he wanted in him

Then one day, not specific indeed

It may have been by coincidence, he thinks

He found someone that captivated his heart

Someone from everyone so set apart

Christ, may I say came to Him

Changed everything in his life

It was almost like a dream

Truly no dream, but reality indeed

He received the hope that was longed by him

Today his life has been changed

That man no longer wonders vaguely through life

He knows now the way of triumph and love

He received Christ as His Savior

The real happiness and hope

Poetry Y.R.

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You Will Continue

You will continue. Even in the struggle, the unanswered questions and the uncertain future…God says you will continue.

Not because you will have unbelievable powers granted to you like a super hero. Not because the resolution to everything will come to your brain. But you will continue because you have something, or better said, someone who cares so much for you that….

…For He Himself has said, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.” Hebrews 13:5b

…and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age. Matthew 28:20b

…nor any created thing, shall be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

That person is God. If He says you will continue is because He will give you strength and be your strength when you need Him. He is your shield and your help. (Psalms 115:9)

What more proof you need to know that you will continue? If He declared a word over your life it will come to happen. Just trust in Him that can do everything possible. God has no limits.