Liar In Me

There’s a liar in me

In deep fantasies it sinks

My most desires

As if I don’t know

What better to choose from

From what the world gives

And what I receive from God

But he does know

Yet he keeps me in the shadow

Of what really has value

In my life

To serve God with all my heart

It takes the truth

And changes all

Creating false pretensions 

Of what is pleasing to God

When revealing truth

Shows that God’s way, not mine

Is the truth

But I let him stay

The liar inside of me 

Robbing my true joy everyday

The joy that comes from Him

I fight, but seems I can’t 

Win over a battle to live in truth

And not in lies

I sink deeply in sorrow of all that I wish

The liberty I no longer have

Since this liar in me came to abide

The precious presence of my Lord and king

I long for to find

Oh how I wish 

The liar would depart

To cast him out 

To live in light

Of the One who says always to me

I am the Way, the Truth and the Life

You can only come to the Father by me.


On This Day: Hide In His Presence

But He Himself withdrew [in retirement] to the wilderness (desert) and prayed. (‭Luke‬ ‭5‬:‭16‬ AMP)

God brought this passage to my heart for the Sunday service this past week. When I came across it the revelation within confronted me in a deep way.  It brought me to question my walk with God and my position in my intimacy with Him. 
Was I taking the time as Jesus did to withdraw myself from everyday things to be with Him? Or have I let distractions and people take my focus from seeking what is unperishable and eternal? It didn’t take me long to find the answer. I just had to examine my attitudes, decisions and behaviors. They said alot.
I don’t know about you, but doesn’t it feel our lives are so overwhelmed by things, events and others that our intimacy with God gets hindered? 
Jesus faced this challenge too! He was well known and followed by so many. Even in the midst of this He realized He needed time to be alone with God. It says that He himself – that shows a decision that Jesus made. It was not something based on feelings, but on the understanding of the need of replenishment of the presence of God in his life. Jesus, being the Son of God in flesh understood that for him to continue clinging to God He needed to be in His presence.  Without spiritual replenishment in intimacy with God we can not survive the fight against the snares of the enemy. It is the time we take to be alone to fast and pray to God where our flesh is submitted to the spirit. We get prepared and stregthened spiritually. 
Do you ever think about the last time you took aside to be ALONE with God? 
When was the last time you seperated yourself from all the wordly situations to go boldly to the Throne of Grace and ask God to fill you?
We are living in times where the enemy brings to our lives more and more ways to distract us from seperating ourselves to be with God. 
On this day make the decision to take time to be alone with God. I can assure you will not be the same.
God bless you! Y.R.

My Will?

How naïve have I been!
Thinking my way is the ease
That I can graciously formulate
The plan of my life
Not realizing the little resources I have.
Futile thoughts my mind thinks
Pondering ways to God’s will skip
I am only deceiving 
Oh my! My own self!
Fighting with weak strength
The will of my Creator!
Poor of my soul!
A wretch is he
In its own way wanting to proceed
I wondering if that is the cause
Of what now goes
I feeling trapped in my own goals
Stuck in a tangle that doesn’t seem to clear
A tangle of all everything God doesn’t want near
Waiting for me is my Savior Divine
Waiting for me to decide
If I will break free of what I want

And finally to Him surrender my will and life


A Love

I love you
Eventhough it hurts
All the pain
Did not blow my love away
It is still beating
Strong with each pulse
Strong love you don’t know
It is not human to love again
When wounds cover
Still opened in dismay
It is a love only from Divine
A love only given by JesusChrist
The love that trascended
Time and space
Overpassing any hurt and pain
A love given so freely to me
Even when I don’t succeed
I have the unconditional fountain of love
That is God in me


A Thought

There are times I do not know how to keep on…
I look up and call upon the name of Jesus!
Then, only then is my spirit lifted up, my strength renewed and by hope restored.

Simple – God hears and will lift you up

The Cry

My heart is blowing up
My thoughts can’t go no more
I can’t find a stop
I have to find an exit in all

Oh how I wish I find
The exit to uncertainty inside
I want to break free
Be myself, the real me,
The one, You, God created to be

I want to laugh
Laugh again so hard
Surrounded by the joy
The one Your Spirit in me surpass

I need a moment
A long one to reflect
To think, organize, forget
All these emotions inside
Lord, please help!
I need Your power divine

That soothing no human balm can give
That marvellous touch
Surrounding me with Your love so big
It is You!
Only You I need!
Its Your presence I seek!

For I know tears now don’t cease
But with one touch from You
I will smile again
I’ll be truly free


Broken Dream


I once lived a dream
So powerfully real!
Invading my senses and heart
It made it race from the start.

How real was it?
So much!
Too real to my senses
Too real to the touch

But the feeling
Tainted it was
Covered under the cloud
Was hidden a lie

No matter how wondeful
This dream turned to be
The lie that was hidden
Rotted it from within

Not yet discovered
Not yet seen
The presence of this lie
Killed the dream

As much as we wanted
The dream to proceed
It would have never lasted
A dream so unreal
A dream in a dream

There needed to be
A break from the dream
A wake up moment
Reality to peek

That all that was lived
Could not be kept alive
In a dreamy cloud
Hidding hurts and lies

Now at the wake
From this dream is
Pieces of a heart
To deal with

A hurting heart
That just woke up
Realizing with pain
The dream had to stop

Who will deal with such?
The only One who knows
The pain and suffering
Given from those He loved

He who even when hurt
Forgave them all
With no regret
Jesus, the healer of all heart’s pain.

Poetry ©Y.R.
Image: Google

The Pawn

I’ll tell you what’s inside
The hatred that’s in me
For vicious, stupid lies

Is not the liar who I hate
Is the words; the false
The ones making no sense at all

The words that kill and hurt
By the ones who are so blind
Oblivious to the pain they cause inside

Those words that rise
By power of their fear and pride
The mask where their true self hides

I feel sorry for the liar; a pawn is he
To the Father of Lies
In his game of false belief

That in these lies
He can safely abide
That in them there is real life

He deceives himself no other one
Hiding continually behind the mask
He’s a marionette of the evil one

Until the truth lights in him
Of how used he has been
Of the pain that he’s causing within

Then there will be true repentance
Before the King
Jesus the forgiver of all deceit

It is then when the mask comes off
True self will be restored
Truth will deliver and save this pawn

Photo – Google
Poetry ©Y.R.

Makes Me Strong

What makes me different?
What sets me apart?
The strength and character
Of those that a war survived

It is not a bragging
Elevating my egocentric nature at all
On the contrary it is a humbly attitude
Towards Him whom I get my strength from

It is no man
None can do this
Lift me in the worst storm
Drawing me down on my knees

He brings me peace
Even in the midst of tears
When my heart races
And no answers are clear

He is unique on His own
My life would be nothing
If it not be for the Word
The word that was Him and He spoke

Saying through every letter indeed
I am always with you
I have always loved you
Through me you are set free

Poetry & Photo

No Money Can Buy


Oh, the consumerism world! Where everything is geared to what we can acquire. The specific value of an item gives direction to the intensity of our desire for it. We have Amazon, EBay and so many sites where everything is so conveniently accessible with so much variety that it traps our senses for several hours without notice. If we look for something other ten show on the list distracting you from what initially took you there. Finally you reach the checkout point where you glance at your cart having twenty different items and none was what you initially needed. In the end you buy them and leave the site. A couple hours later you come back remembering that what you needed to buy in the first place you didn’t. Can you relate to this? I found myself doing this and shamelessly repeating more times than I should.
What makes us get so overwhelmed about possessions? There was a time in my life where possessions were the thermometer of my security. The more or better things I had the more secure I felt. There was emptiness in my life. Every time that feeling arose inside of me I would fill it with a new computer, a new outfit or anything that was pretty and made me feel good because of its monetary value. Oddly enough it was like my fulfillment sack had a leaking hole. As fast as I bought it the feeling of security would be leaking from me. There, in that moment, I would go back to the same cycle trying to find something else to satisfy. What was I missing? What did I need that no money could buy?

I was missing love. Not the love of a partner but the love that fills you and being filled with it you are able to feel love for those around you. The love that threw out all bitterness and selfishness from me. I was missing fulfillment. The fulfillment that could not be brought by a stable career, a fancy house, nice car or any material possession; it was the fulfillment of life. I am not talking about the life we are living but that deep sensation that we do not merely exist but we are actually living. I found that in Jesus Christ.

I have been living for thirty-three years and many out of those only existed. He filled that void, the emptiness that would leak at every try. He gave me life. A life in which my security no longer lies on what I can buy but on Him who paid the price for my sins. That is something that money would never buy and no rich man on Earth can place a price. This is the priceless gift given to us. It’s priceless because its value transcends from this Earth into an eternal life far greater than any possession that we would ever imagine.

On this day give priority to Him who makes you live and not just exist. The real security of life is not on the possessions or the financial security it only relies on the real valid security that is Jesus Christ as Savior of your life. 

I Died

My death was mind bogging and strenuous indeed

I hope I was going to live

With no hope left I died in me

Inside, where the feelings lie

That is where my life ended

Where I can’t go back to life.

I don’t want to revive, but

Come into a new life.

A life that I can be truly happy indeed

A life I can feel love inside me

Who can give me that?

there is no man alive that can prove to posses,

Any ability that can bring forth success

Over the situation of death

That has destroyed my inside; of me, the best.

I just come to think there is,

One which is not of this world

Powerful all in Himself

No help needing in the rescue

Of my broken soul and tormented mind

Jesus Christ, He can give me real life.

I only ask this prayer He hears

To depart my death and fears.

I need the life, the eternal that you give

It is only in You that I can really live

I need of you to cleanse me of my sins


Tranquilo En Dios

Una de las busquedas de mis lectores me dio una lección por si sola. La persona busco…”tranquilo en Dios”. ¿Que simple verdad? Pero la profundidad de esta frase entorno a nuestro diario vivir y las situaciones que enfrentamos se vuelve un torbellino dentro de nosotros. ¿Porque? Servimos a un Dios de Paz pero aun sabiendolo esa paz tiende a escaparse cada vez mas de nuestro alcance. ¿Será que no quiere estar? No. En mi experiencia nosotros mismos la alejamos. Nos volvemos esclavos de la ansiedad y la desesperación. Nos nublamos con las preocupaciones. Nos desefoncamos con el “tal vez.” Y despues en la solitud dentro de nosotros mismos nos preguntamos donde esta la paz que deberia sentir. Es triste estar en ese estado. Lo he vivido y de vez en vez aparece atacando todo mi ser. Me preocupo absolutamente de todo aun cosas que no puedo controlar. ¿Pero esto es para lo que El Señor me ha diseñado? ¿Querrá El que yo sea prisionera de este ahogamiento que me destruye los adentros y nadie puede venir a mi auxilio por que no pueden verlo? ¡EN NINGUNA MANERA!

La Palabra de Dios es verdadera y nos dice atravez de Jesucristo (Dios mismo)…”Mi paz os dejo, mi paz os doy no como el mundo la da.”

Toma en cuenta lo que Jesus les dijo…Mi paz os dejo…cuando alguien te deja algo es para que lo cuides, lo mantengas y lo utilizes propiamente. Así la paz tiene que ser cuidada en nostros, mantenida en nuestro corazon y utilizada apropiadamente con la Palabra para combatir los ataques del enemigo.

Miremos la segunda parte…Mi paz os doy…cuando alguien te da o regala algo la persona te lo da entendiendo tu necesidad de ese objeto. La persona espera que lo utilizes y tomes provecho de dicho regalo. Muchas veces no vemos la paz como un maravilloso regalo que Dios nos ha dado. Es un Fruto del Espiritu. Si Dios esta en ti el Espiritu Santo mora y atravez de la rendicion a El cultivaras ese fruto hermoso de paz en ti.

Debemos depender de Dios y su Palabra para mostarnos como mantenerla. Confiemos mas en Dios y no nos dejemos manipular por las trampas del enemigo para robarnos la paz que nos pertenece por que ha sido dada por Dios.

Destruction to Life


How I wonder

The life I chose

Not perfect at all

Many mistakes in it I have done

Was everything worth it?

The choices I mean

Did they bring life

Or slowly killed me?

They did both I see

The wrong ones destoryed me

The right ones lifted me up

From all of them I have learned some

The most hurting I can remember to be

Was giving my heart to a nobody

I gave all and received just pain

Emotional, psychological and physical I say

All in one came to attack

My fragile and devastated heart

I thought no one would ever want

Someone so broken like I was

I tried to get up

Inside destroyed

Still in the deepness of myself

Remembered the name that once brought joy

I remembered Jesus

How He was always with me

And at this moment of disgrace

I could still call upon Him

I called not really believing

That after so long I was worth to something be receiving

The love, compasion and understanding

My heart, my life so much needed

He answered to my surprise

I was dead in sin and lies

But He still answered

To give me life

I will tell you it was no easy task

Surrendering to Him my life and my heart

But through the process I have seen

 How’s He turned destruction to a life of victory

Poetry Y.R.


On This Day 23 – Be A Kid


Hectic week but seeing the glory of God in different lives. This last week giving a Bible class to my youth I asked each one what made them sad and happy…The older ones responded with church, sports, games and other things…then the smallest about ten years old impacted me with his answer…He tells me that what makes him happy is knowing that Jesus is part of his life and is by his side….Then I asked what made them sad and he answers…That Jesus would not be in my life!!! The Word of God is powerful saying that we have to be like children to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. We have to see our happiness based on Jesus and see our greatest sadness to be away from Him and not having Him in our lives.  Is time to seek more and cling more to Jesus our Saviour!

En Este Dia 23 – Se Un Niño


Esta semana ha sido una fuerte pero entre todo viendo la gloria de Dios en las vidas. Esto impulsa a seguir sabiendo que nuestro trabajo en el Señor NO es en vano. En esta semana pasada dando clase Bíblica a mi juveniles le pregunte a cada uno que cosas los ponían alegre y tristes…
Los mas grandes respondían deportes u otras cosas…el mas pequeño que tiene 10 añitos me impacta con su contestación…
Me dice que lo que lo hace feliz es el saber que Jesus es parte de su vida y esta a su lado…
Luego al preguntarle que los ponían triste el contesta…¡Que Jesus no este en mi vida conmigo!!!
La Palabra no se equivoca al expresar que hay que ser un niño para entrar al cielo! Debemos ver nuestra felicidad basada en Jesus y ver nuestra tristeza mas grande en no tenerlo en nuestras tiempo de procurar buscar y aferrarnos mas a Jesus!

On This Day 17 – Always There


On this day know…


There is nothing more important than to know you can rely on someone when things are quite not working the way they are supposed to. Have you felt alone one time or another? I have. The uncertainty of the “always there” person being around has made me rethink. We rely on relationships with others to strengthen our being, our emotions and in a way make sense of what life is supposed to be about.

I then ask myself, who is this “always there” person? Who can really be always there for me? Is there anyone that will actually listen through all my rantings of daily life? Who will be there through my unexpected explosions of emotions without having a sequenced heart attack with me, and still be able to give me a good advice that can make things change and seem unimportant again? Humanly, I have yet found someone that has that ability. No matter how much my close ones love me and care for me the truth of the matter is they can’t always be there and will not always understand. Yet, I know who, Christ. He is the friend that always has time, patience and understanding of all circumstances in our lives. God is Omnipresent! I love that about Him! No matter where we are or what happens He is there.

That is why I rely on God’s Word to confirm this to my heart for He said…

Be strong and of good courage, do not fear nor be afraid of them; for the Lord your God, He is the One who goes with you. He will not leave you nor forsake you. Deuteronomy 31:6

En Este Dia 14 – Yo Peleo


Si te haz sentido que ya no soportarás mas las pruebas en tu vida y todo se te hace mas apremiante, imposible de seguir…

En este día Dios te dice…


No hay nada que Yo no pueda hacer! Yo te he creado, moldeado, levantado y dado vida atravez de Mi Hijo Jesucristo…¿Que hay imposible para Mi? Cuando pensaste que no había mas nada te mostre que YO SOY TODO. En Mi tienes todo lo que necesitas! Confía sobre toda circumstancia estaré ahí para ti. Te he dado la VICTORIA. Levantate y renueva tus fuerzas en Mi. Hoy Yo me levanto para pelear por ti. NO SE TURBE VUESTRO CORAZON

En Este Dia 13 – Me quiero Enamorar


En este dia se que Jesucristo es mi Amor y por El yo vivo…

Cuando estamos enamorados nos derretimos por la sonrisa, voz y todo lo que es esa persona. Hoy torna tu corazón a Dios. El envió a su Hijo Jesucristo por amor a nosotros. Cada día debemos hacer crecer nuestro amor por El que ha hecho, esta haciendo y hará cosas maravillosas en nuestra vida aun mas allá de nuestras expectativas.

Hoy me envuelvo en tu mirar
Una sonrisa haces despertar
Al pensar
En quien eres mi Cristo

Me haz dado tanto
A mi vida alivio
De absoluta felicidad
Que ninguna persona puede igualar

En tan poco tiempo de vida
Las grandesas que haz hecho en mi cada día
Por ellas y mucho mas
Te expreso mi amor con toda sinceridad

Sigo dándote mi amor
sobre toda circunstancia
Confiada en ti Señor
Sabiendo que en ti tengo seguridad



On This Day 12 – It’s Him


On this day is about Him…

I was overwhelmed with many things
 That today it almost slipped
 The truth I should ponder about
Just Him…Jesus I mean

I praise His name daily
I take time to talk to Him alone
But in everything I do
His sacrifice escaped my mind alone

Yes, I should be thinking always
About that wonderful thing
But in this human nature
Even this tends to slip

I am not justifying the behavior
Nor will I put excuse in front
I am being honest really
Of how much I needed to confront

Not only now
But every day year around
the wonderfulness of His sacrifice
that has given me life abound

I’m ashamed, but relieved
Yes, both you see
Ashamed of forgetting this day
Relieved that we can remember it again

Not only today, but every day of our lives
Remember His love, His sacrifice
That every single moment I can breath
I know I live because He lives.

That in all challenges that may come
I am reminded this is not all
He brought through his death
Life of true abundance in me

Through His resurrection I am truly free
Everyday that I follow Him I see
I can keep on trusting He will be
Showing His love being always with me

Today I have pondered and realize
This is not the only day to think aside
Of His sacrifice, I mean
It’s every day of our lives we have to thank for His redemption of our sins




Háblame, que tu voz me eleve a las alturas
Cobijame, que tu calor arrope mi ser
Envuelve me, que tu dulzura me acapare
Tómame, que no me sueltes otra vez

Todo esto deseo en mi profundidad
Que todo tu la inundes cada día más y más
Consuelame en mis delirios de dolor y angustia
Llename de tu paz que todo lo ajusta

En tus brazos me quiero deslizar
Aferrarme a ti en medio de todo mas y mas
Entregarme sin reservas a tu gran voluntad
Porque se que en ella hay vida eternal

Que mas te puedo decir que te pueda enamorar
Eres mi deseo, Cristo, mi amado
Eres todo lo que puedo desear
Solo mantente a mi lado todos los dias hasta el final