I will not understand
Where God always takes me
The road is not a smooth path
Is not that is bad in all of it
Is the unknown journey
That springs from it
I can’t say that I know
Where His guidance will lead
I just rest in His faithfulness
In His promise to be always with me
That is enough for me to walk
To not fear in the road
But to keep firmly step by step in it
God is by my side
I’m protected, I’m blessed, I’m Free!


On This Day 30 – Do Not Stop, God Will Lead


I know is the easy route giving up
When you are in the road
Leading everywhere except where you want to be

We sometimes think God’s road is not right
All because of our human mind
But looking closer we do see
His ways are higher than me

I wish I could go my way, I think
But my way has never got me where I want to be
It has just lead me to pain and shame
God’s road takes me from glory to glory through His grace

Today I will let Him lead the way
I may not understand it at first
But through His Word He will light
The paths of darkness I may find

I just trust over all and everything I see
God’s purpose in my life will be done
And no one will impede

Poetry Y.R.

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