Liar In Me

There’s a liar in me

In deep fantasies it sinks

My most desires

As if I don’t know

What better to choose from

From what the world gives

And what I receive from God

But he does know

Yet he keeps me in the shadow

Of what really has value

In my life

To serve God with all my heart

It takes the truth

And changes all

Creating false pretensions 

Of what is pleasing to God

When revealing truth

Shows that God’s way, not mine

Is the truth

But I let him stay

The liar inside of me 

Robbing my true joy everyday

The joy that comes from Him

I fight, but seems I can’t 

Win over a battle to live in truth

And not in lies

I sink deeply in sorrow of all that I wish

The liberty I no longer have

Since this liar in me came to abide

The precious presence of my Lord and king

I long for to find

Oh how I wish 

The liar would depart

To cast him out 

To live in light

Of the One who says always to me

I am the Way, the Truth and the Life

You can only come to the Father by me.



I waited
For nothing to come
Not even the wind
Was bringing forth
Any hope; any joy
Barren land I’m in 
Where the truth is not seen
Lies take away my peace
Help Lord! Please!
I need to sleep!
Recue me from this pit!
Tears keep rolling
I’m waiting for happiness to stop them
And truth to dry them up
But what truth am I waiting for?
The patched up?
The ones with a facade? 
Hiding the cruel reality inside
Do I want to know?
Is there any truth at all?
In men not at all
But of you, Christ, I recall
Saying You are the Way, Truth and Life

So in you my Lord, the living Truth, I will rely


The Pawn

I’ll tell you what’s inside
The hatred that’s in me
For vicious, stupid lies

Is not the liar who I hate
Is the words; the false
The ones making no sense at all

The words that kill and hurt
By the ones who are so blind
Oblivious to the pain they cause inside

Those words that rise
By power of their fear and pride
The mask where their true self hides

I feel sorry for the liar; a pawn is he
To the Father of Lies
In his game of false belief

That in these lies
He can safely abide
That in them there is real life

He deceives himself no other one
Hiding continually behind the mask
He’s a marionette of the evil one

Until the truth lights in him
Of how used he has been
Of the pain that he’s causing within

Then there will be true repentance
Before the King
Jesus the forgiver of all deceit

It is then when the mask comes off
True self will be restored
Truth will deliver and save this pawn

Photo – Google
Poetry ©Y.R.