My Cry

If anyone hears my cry

I want you to know

This cry is not of sorrow

It’s a cry for help

Coming from the deepness of me

Crying Lord help

I need You indeed!

It is not only now that I cry

It is continuous repetition inside

A daily prayer calling to the Divine.

He who knows all that I can’t see

The One that can fulfill all my needs

I cry Lord, help me please!

It is my cry of dependance

It is my cry of submission

That in the midst of trials and temptations

It is He only who can deliver.

I cry because there is no one else

Silent to all others are my words

It is He who hears

This cry from my soul silent in tears.


I Lived It


Some situations that in life arise
In no explanation can they abide
These trials we face each night and day
The grief within which decided to stay…

I want to share
The feelings that embark
Our souls’ navigation through the dark
What if I told you the light will shine?
What if I told you will survive?

You would probably ask me why?…
Why can I be so sure?
The troubles are many
My life is unsure!

I would tell you what I lived…
I went through them – the winds
You’re navigating through
The sorrow of being distraught; not having a clue…

I had my moments of giving up
I had the breath almost leave my soul
But at the right moment it came to me
A Word of hope no one else could repeat….

The one that comes from our Father above
Saying, “I will be with you through the end;
I will never leave you alone”

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Pain & Healing


I am slowly dealing with all the pain that was caused
By a silent attack that destroyed my soul
I have yet understood this stealth act
If it was truly hidden or I to myself lied
Did I lie to not open my eyes?
I think it was more comfortable the darkness in which I abide
So comfortable in imagination I lived
That when my eyes where opened the light destroyed me
It penetrated my soul like a spear
No defense did I find to go near.
Now I am slowly picking my scattered pieces
In the midst of the carefulness to remove the spear
I cannot explain how now I feel
Is a mix of the pain and a hope unreal
The pain that cause me almost to expire
But a hope that I will be healed in the entire
Does that make sense?
It surely won’t in the human laws
But my healing will only come from above
From Him who knew pain like no other of us
With His love I am learning now
The pain that almost killed me He is turning around
I will trust Him even in the pain
He will heal me fully; I will rise again


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I Died

My death was mind bogging and strenuous indeed

I hope I was going to live

With no hope left I died in me

Inside, where the feelings lie

That is where my life ended

Where I can’t go back to life.

I don’t want to revive, but

Come into a new life.

A life that I can be truly happy indeed

A life I can feel love inside me

Who can give me that?

there is no man alive that can prove to posses,

Any ability that can bring forth success

Over the situation of death

That has destroyed my inside; of me, the best.

I just come to think there is,

One which is not of this world

Powerful all in Himself

No help needing in the rescue

Of my broken soul and tormented mind

Jesus Christ, He can give me real life.

I only ask this prayer He hears

To depart my death and fears.

I need the life, the eternal that you give

It is only in You that I can really live

I need of you to cleanse me of my sins



Its the shadow of the unknown

Its the breeze that blows without notice

The surprising yawning

It is all that I can’t control

I look at them

Through my eyes in rain

I can not stop to be afraid

Of what may come my way

I could stop all

I could hide from everything I don’t know

But is that senseless

To the world that God has placed me to grow?

It is senseless  on my part

Retrieving because of fear of what may come

I prefer confronting and moving on

I have someone I can truly trust

He knows what I know not

He can guide me to victory in all

He has the power to control

Everything adverse and more

Christ, that is His name

There’s no other like Him on Earth

My security I can see in Him

Because of His death I can live freely indeed


By Him I Won


I would tell you I have seen all

That no fear takes over my soul

That I am able to overcome it all

But is not true, I’m yet that strong

Reality on my door knocks

Showing me my sad truth

I cannot overcome trials on my own

I need someone that knows what to do

Knows the fight and the fighters

Knows the strategies that need deciding

Have the over exceeding power

To bring down any force

Where do I find it, you may ask?

That, I tell you, is no difficult task

He that always sees the trials and situations

That come over in my life through every direction

He does not leave me alone

Even when I think I may not overcome

He always shows me that indeed

My strength to fight increases in Him

He,  I tell you is the Lord

The powerful mighty warrior

The one that victory owns

He is who fights my battles

By Him I won

Poetry Y.R.

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I thought sometime how should I respond
I thought some time the words to show
The hurt, the pain living inside
But truly no words to find
I tried many phrases to mix
None of them could bring in complete
The essence of the feelings beneath
I will like to say I kept trying
For theses phrases to show
But truly it hurt so much
Remembering became a torture bringing forth
No ease on the pain
No way to forget
What has been lived on this earth!
Is it worth it I ask?
This torturing task
I will say no; not worth looking at the past
I will go foward not looking back
I will live not survive
Because in the midst of this I got God by my side…

Poetry Y.R.

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I thought life would bring me joy
I thought I could do things on my own
I thought I could play with everything like a toy
Now I know…I thought very wrong

I thought my decisions would be sufficient
I thought I was running my life efficient
I thought I was in all being proficient
Now I know…My thought was very deficient

I thought I could manage the challenge
I thought my actions would not matter
I thought I would be able to manage
Now I know…I mismanaged

I thought so many things
I thought that I could live
With thoughts that did not aligned
With the perfect plan of Divine

Now I look at my thoughts
So vague and so small
No treasure in them at all
No good to my life they brought

My thoughts are different now than before
They have sense and more
My thoughts are aligned with God’s plan
Not mine anymore

Poem Y.R.



What I would do
That’s not the problem
It’s the method I will employ
If to use my thinking or the direction of God

When my thinking directs
It goes by limited vision
That one ahead
It takes less far, I regret

When I receive direction
The guidance from God
The power of my vision
Strengthens in awe

It is there, just there
A clear sight I can see
The truth of the situation
No blur can impede

When I come to understand
How my sight limited is
And not always my thinking succeeds
I will ask God for His eyes to see

It is there my vision expands
Not only of this world but spiritual
And when this arrives I can comprehend
It is guided by Him I go in Faith


Day VI – Seek


On this day I want to seek your face, My Lord.

Seeking God’s face has become harder for us these days than ever. We have so many entertainments, distractions and excuses that we succumb to the flesh, and put aside that essential moment in our spiritual life, our intimate time with God. How do I know? Because like you I battle with it. Putting time aside to seek the face of my Lord. It seems every time I am fighting fiercely an obstacle war trying to push away each obstacle just to be able to get to the presence of the Lord. I am not talking about the devotional time. I am talking about that intimate moment you take tobe with God. Like couples take time to be alone God wants us to take time and be in His presence. This is a intimate seperation time with Him. It is not an spontaneous action from us. It is an impulse by the Holy Spirit that produces our acknowledgement of our profund need of Him; and that without Him we can’t do nothing. I hope today the urge of seeking God’s face will rise in you.

The Psalmist expressed it in a wonderful matter…

When You said, “Seek My face,”My heart said to You, “Your face, Lord, I will seek.” Psalms 27:8



I write of the sweetness there is
I write of the feelings within
I write to profess what I believe
I write just for everyone to see

My words can be lost in time
But the feeling with which it’s written
Would stay perpetually in my mind
That is why I write..

Day III – Saying What Hurts


On this day I am acknowledging how many times I have been wrong

The saying is always “I am only human”…

In reality more than our desired times we use that as an excuse to cover up the reality that we have made mistakes and sinned. We don’t like to admit we are wrong. We think only in actions and words we harm others, but also our thoughts towards them can build up and spring up attitudes towards them that we do not even realize. Admitting what we have thought, said or done wrong makes us vulnerable and our ego is not willing to let its guard down. Sadly, that becomes our hinderance in everything. Towards God it becomes the hinderance in prayer and in our relationship with Him. With others it takes the toll of not only falseness, but bitterness and resentment. The only thing holding our ego up will do is put a barrier between you and the person and God. You will not be able to receive healing through forgiveness towards the person. You will not be able to come closer to God. If we only learn to let our guard down and admit we are wrong. If we only could forgive. If we would go ask for forgiveness not only to God, but first to the person we have done wrong then satan’s manipulation party will be over with us! We would be healed and have absolute liberty to in our relationship with God. Ask for forgiveness to whom you have done wrong and forgive those that have hurt you too.

Pray to God for forgiveness.

Matthew 6:14-15

For if you forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you.  But if you do not forgive men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.

On this day I admit my mistakes, receive forgiveness and keep on in the wonderful mercy that God has provided. I hope you can to.

Day I – Locked Up

This day I just wished I were locked up. Not in a jail, but in a room…Alone!!!!!!!! Where my only companions would be a notebook and a pen. That would be easy to say and do. Sometimes we need a time alone, don’t we? Maybe is just me.

What do you think?


Job 2:9     Then his wife said to him, “Do you still hold fast to your integrity? Curse God and die!”

Job 27:5  Far be it from me That I should say you are right; Till I die I will not put away my integrity from me.

What does integrity mean to you? We learn since early age what is honesty. We are drilled on the right things we have to always do, and the wrong things that always will bring forth a punishment. We are taught to be honest. But rarely were we taught to have integrity. What is the difference? What does it mean to have integrity before God? Are we being integral before God in all we do?

Honesty vs. Integrity

Honesty is truthfulness, sincerity or frankness – Its synonyms are integrity, probity, rectitude. When we are honest  truthfulness in all we do is our companion

Integrity is adherence to moral and ethical principle. It is the state of being whole, entire, or undiminished. Its synonyms are rectitude, probity, virtue. When we have integrity all we do is truthful, right and in accordance with our values.

Integrity of the world

It shows you can be trusted.  It shows you will do the right thing of what you are told.

Integrity before God

Is doing everything in accordance to God’s values stated in His Word.

When we look at integrity before God we have to see that is not only having the moral and ethical values that the Word of God gives us, but the major part is to follow, put in practice and maintain it in us over all types of circumstances that may come, even if people do not agree or the circumstances are not in our favor.

Integrity before God means we want and desire with all our hearts to honor Him, obey Him and serve Him in every way, circumstance and situation even the worst ones.

Is doing what God wants and is right in His eyes over what we think is right and is right to our convenience.

It is faithfulness to God – Job 2:3

Job was God’s faithful servant. On Job 1:3, God describes him as there being no other like him on earth. Do you imagine God saying that about you? Why was Job so special? God answered that saying that he was “perfect and upright.” Job’s faithfulness to God made him perfect and upright.

It is faith in action

When your integrity adheres to the Word of God, (which is your guidance) is maintained. You are using your faith put in action knowing that God is more important than anything else in your life. That every situation that come you decide to stay by His side than drift away from Him.

Your faith is shifted towards doing everything for His glory whether in word or action even in the worst times.

In Psalm 25:21 David expresses “Let integrity and uprightness preserve me; for I wait on thee.” David was calling to God while trouble surrounded him and ask God that integrity and uprightness preserve him. Why? Because David knew that if he maintained his integrity before God and kept obeying God over everything and doing what He commanded him instead of taking matters into his own hand, while he waited God will take care of the rest.

Our Integrity

We should keep faithful to the Word of God over everything and everyone.                                                                                        We should maintain our integrity before God in all situations even the ones that hurt us.

Maintain our trust, faith, service and gratitude above all things we will be able to say like Job 27:5 “God forbid that I should justify you: till I die I will not remove mine integrity from me.”

A Woman’s Miracle

The most important thing we have with God is access to Him through Christ. When we accept Christ as our Savior he becomes our defender, our intercessor and most important the only way to be part of the blessings God the Father has in stored for us in His Kingdom. When we see God there are many times we think He is too far, too busy, too big or just because He is not visible we see His works on our human mind very impossible. In Jeremiah, God asked the prophet “…is there anything impossible for me?” Jeremiah 32:27 He saw so impossible in his human eyes what God was going to do, God had to remind Him of His absolute power and mighty that there was nothing that could stop from what He wants to do. (Isaiah 46:9-10)

As a woman we want to have someone to care for us. We always look for a man, family, work, or careers to satisfy our needs. These are easy targets because for our human conscience they are tangible and real. It is hard to call on God because He does not work with our human nature so His responses are not always in the ways we expect or understand. God seems as He can I answer but rarely I see Him answering. What if we change our perspective? Instead of trying to decipher just follow Him in faith till we can receive from Him what we have longed for?

I. The Wait

a. We do not like to wait. That is our human nature. Waiting is one of the most gratifying things in life especially if what you are waiting for is God and His glory to be manifested in your life.

b. They waited for Jesus to arrive

i. Jesus WILL arrive to your situation

II. Desperation

a. (v.41) Jairus was desperate. His daughter was dying. He knew Jesus was the only chance he had. His position in society was a powerful one, ruler of the synagogue. This man was in the most prominent position of religious power. The Pharisees and Sadducees which were type of theologian of our day did not believe in Jesus. This man that was all influenced by these that did not believe realized there was something Jesus could do. Jairus humiliated himself. Being a well respected community member falling at Jesus feet in front of the crowd was a great humiliation.

i. We need to understand that no matter what we may have in life humiliation and surrendering to Christ is the key to having our needs supplied. (Psalm 138:6)

b. The woman was also a desperate one. Her sickness had been oppressing her for 12 years. Any material possibility was wasted. Her life was slowly ending. She was waiting for Jesus. She was scared but brave enough to go beyond what people expected. People expected her to stay in her place (which was being outcast of society). She broke the expectations.

i. Are you willing to break the expectations in order to get closer to Christ in order to receive your healing both emotional and physical?

ii. Are you going to do it passively or actively?

1. Passively – you wait and wait for God to do something the way you think He will do it and at the time you think. When it doesn’t happen you get frustrated and think God does not respond or forgot about you.

2. Actively – you wait in surrendering, supplication, prayer, and the Word of God until you receive what you have so much desired.

iii. Her reward was the most precious gift you could get. Salvation. Not only was her sickness healed but she received Salvation (v.48) “Daughter, be of good comfort: thy faith hath made thee whole; go in peace”


I am learning as time goes

There are things in life I must let go

I can not hold my self to them

I leave it all and give them end.

I will continue is all I can

Wait patiently for your hand

To come and comfort me as you do

All I need near, inside is You.

I am growing as I go through

All the hassles that bring me to a gloom

I can see all in a better stand

I know for sure I am in your hand.

Let me get closer

Explore your truth

You will be with me

In strength and bloom

Now I have only one thing to say

I am so happy you are here to stay

That in my life everything may go

But I have ALL in you Oh, Lord!