La Inmovible Sombrilla


Tome un fin de semana para dedicarme tiempo. Sali del trabajo sin rumbo ni reservación. Estaba decidida a relajarme, olvidarme de los problemas y sobre todo aclarar mi mente. Decido ir a un hotel retirado de la ciudad, realmente en el medio de la nada. Un oasis de tranquilidad en medio del desierto que me acapara  aqui en el Sur de Arabia. Llegue bastante tarde al hotel pero para mi deleite me dan una suite a precio de cuarto regular (Dios sabia lo que necesitaba). Bueno ya era tiempo de dormir.

A la mañana siguiente me levante temprano, ordeno las cosas que me iba a llevar y después del desayuno a disfrutar a la orilla de la piscina. ¿Suena bien? Si, no se adelante mucho.  A la orilla de la piscina estoy recostada en una silla de playa lista para relajarme y leer mi libro. Me acomodo y todo se siente super. De repente comienza la claridad y los rayos del sol a tomar todo el lugar de mi sombra. Siento la potencia del sol sobre mi. Al lado habían dos sillas vacías y una sombrilla, del tipo de estante solitario. Frustrada la miro y mientras, trato de formular la estrategia para moverla hacia mi lado claro, sin pedir ayuda y con gracia (en otras palabras sin caerme de boca en el intento). 

Primer intento la trato de empujar, nada. Segundo intento la trato de rodar, ni un centimetro. Tercer intento, veo que tiene ruedas trato de inclinarla para moverla pero para nada, no se mueve.

Es ahi donde vuelvo a mi silla y como si nada hubiese pasado y nadie me hubiese visto (aunque todos alrededor estaban analizando mi análisis de la sombrilla) me recuesto, tomo mi libro y trato de pretender que el sol no me afecta. ¿Que paso? No dure ni diez minutos hable con uno de los que atienden para que llamaran a alguien que pudiese mover la sombrilla a mi lado. Vino el muchacho con tranquilidad y sin pesar alguno, casi instantáneo, puso la sombrilla a mi lado. En lo que fracase por viente minutos el venció en dos.

Y usted se preguntara, ¿por que esta historia? Por que en nuestro caminar con Dios somos así. Es interesante que siempre en la vida se presentan obstáculos que detienen nuestro caminar o determinación. Cuando algo nos molesta y queremos alejarlo o aliviarlo buscamos siempre hacerlo por nuestros propios medios. Cuando nos hieren queremos sanarnos con positivismo y reprensión emocional. Cuando tenemos problemas con alguien los evitamos y hasta los desterramos de nuestra vida para así no enfrentar el problema. Cuando Dios trata areas de nuestra vida que no nos gusta que el toque ponemos barreraras para que El solo toque las que nosotros queremos. Y así como yo con la sombrilla determinada a moverla con mis fuerzas, muchas veces no queremos dejar a Dios actuar para hacerlo como pensamos. Algo hermoso que tiene Dios es que El es un caballero. El sabe esperar y nos deja pasar por esas circunstancias frustrantes para que lleguemos al punto de rendición. Ese punto donde nos damos cuenta que no podemos hacer nada y clamemos a El. Es ahi cuando clamamos a El que nos responde y mueve nuestra “sombrilla de la circumstancia” a nuestro favor y sin tener nosotros que poner el menor esfuerzo.

Moraleja…Dejemos a Dios actuar como El quiera. Su poder es infinito para arrancar todo aquello que nos acosa. Su amor es inagotable para inundar nuestros vacíos. Su propósito mas allá de nuestros sentidos e imaginación.

Porque yo sé los pensamientos que tengo acerca de vosotros, dice Jehová, pensamientos de paz, y no de mal, para daros el fin que esperáis.

Jeremias 29:11

New Year, New Changes

To My Followers and Readers,

Well readers I know I have been absent for a good while and I do apologize for this.

It has been tough this past year juggling both blogs i.e. ginoskocristo and ginoskochrist. Saying this I have made the decision to merge both blogs into one. I will maintain the original blog and this will be my ONLY presence on WordPress. I would appreciate so much if you as my followers will show the same appreciation of following me there as you have given me here. This change will be gradual. I will keep you posted on all changes and finally when I close this blog. I thank you all in advance for the wonderful support. I hope all may keep enjoying the lines that I may write.


Y.R. (Ginoskochrist)


I Died

My death was mind bogging and strenuous indeed

I hope I was going to live

With no hope left I died in me

Inside, where the feelings lie

That is where my life ended

Where I can’t go back to life.

I don’t want to revive, but

Come into a new life.

A life that I can be truly happy indeed

A life I can feel love inside me

Who can give me that?

there is no man alive that can prove to posses,

Any ability that can bring forth success

Over the situation of death

That has destroyed my inside; of me, the best.

I just come to think there is,

One which is not of this world

Powerful all in Himself

No help needing in the rescue

Of my broken soul and tormented mind

Jesus Christ, He can give me real life.

I only ask this prayer He hears

To depart my death and fears.

I need the life, the eternal that you give

It is only in You that I can really live

I need of you to cleanse me of my sins


I Still Believe


Over so many obstacles I have come

Tears have been the refreshment of my soul

Without no future vision to see

In the midst of this, I still believe

Loneliness, faithful companion in desguise

Has stuck like glue in my inside

Its tearing the pieces; the pieces of me

But I will still say, I still believe

There is no comprehension to what is said above

If I first not tell you what makes me strong

It’s not the great power that is in me

It is Christ’s strength that keeps in belief

Not believing just for something to hold on

But believing the security that in Him I am strong

Not believing for a moment that I am just fine

But believing that in Him I have everlasting life

When your sight is turned to Him

And trust is put all in who He is

In the hardest situation you can say like me

With all my heart, I still believe

© Y.R.

Image Y.R.


Its the shadow of the unknown

Its the breeze that blows without notice

The surprising yawning

It is all that I can’t control

I look at them

Through my eyes in rain

I can not stop to be afraid

Of what may come my way

I could stop all

I could hide from everything I don’t know

But is that senseless

To the world that God has placed me to grow?

It is senseless  on my part

Retrieving because of fear of what may come

I prefer confronting and moving on

I have someone I can truly trust

He knows what I know not

He can guide me to victory in all

He has the power to control

Everything adverse and more

Christ, that is His name

There’s no other like Him on Earth

My security I can see in Him

Because of His death I can live freely indeed


How Do You Feel?


How do you feel right now?

Do you feel anxious? Probably doing that “tick” thing that you do when you are trying to keep your head straight.

Maybe you are worried about the decisions you have to make. You are analyzing every possible scenario creating different situations that may come.

Maybe you are just trying to finish something that seems never to be finished.

Maybe your relationships are never coming to the happily ever after and frustration has sinked in.

Maybe you feel empty because as much as you try to fill with material things or entertainments the void does not seem to go away.

Maybe loneliness has trapped you. Even with people around you it seems you’re the only being on the planet.

How many times have people asked you this? Unless people know of a situation that is going on in your life most likely they won’t. Most of the time we forget that every day God wants to know how we feel. He wants us to pour our hearts in His presence and tell Him what has hurt us or what struggle we are facing that we have no clue to. Yes, God knows everything, but in His lovingkindness He wants to have this wonderful relationship with us that we may share everything with Him. He wants us to go to Him FIRST and tell Him what is going on inside us. The wonderful part is that there is no protocol! We can present ourselves before Him. Doesn’t matter if you are throwing a tantrum, looking at the ceiling crying, or just asking why; He will hear. David understood this clearly. He came before the Lord with questions, praises, ashamed, needing comfort, not understanding and pretty much every possible way. David knew the only one that will truly understand how he felt was the One who created him and had the power to change everything for his good.

The question is no longer how do you feel. Is Do you know who KNOWS how you feel?                              The only One is Christ.

For we have not an high priest which cannot be touched with the feeling of our infirmities; but was in all points tempted like as we are, yet without sin.                                                                                       Hebrews 4:15

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By Him I Won


I would tell you I have seen all

That no fear takes over my soul

That I am able to overcome it all

But is not true, I’m yet that strong

Reality on my door knocks

Showing me my sad truth

I cannot overcome trials on my own

I need someone that knows what to do

Knows the fight and the fighters

Knows the strategies that need deciding

Have the over exceeding power

To bring down any force

Where do I find it, you may ask?

That, I tell you, is no difficult task

He that always sees the trials and situations

That come over in my life through every direction

He does not leave me alone

Even when I think I may not overcome

He always shows me that indeed

My strength to fight increases in Him

He,  I tell you is the Lord

The powerful mighty warrior

The one that victory owns

He is who fights my battles

By Him I won

Poetry Y.R.

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Story Of A Man


I will tell you today

About a lost who never seem to find his way

During times frustration will fill

The deepness of his heart and will

How could he find what was never found?

How would he reach that which was not around?

His desires sank low

In the shadows of despair and lack of hope

What was he going to do?

He knew not the way to pursue

A dream, a thought or just something new

There was nothing that he could see

Something that will give the hope that he wanted in him

Then one day, not specific indeed

It may have been by coincidence, he thinks

He found someone that captivated his heart

Someone from everyone so set apart

Christ, may I say came to Him

Changed everything in his life

It was almost like a dream

Truly no dream, but reality indeed

He received the hope that was longed by him

Today his life has been changed

That man no longer wonders vaguely through life

He knows now the way of triumph and love

He received Christ as His Savior

The real happiness and hope

Poetry Y.R.

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On This Day 29 – Be Thankful

How many situations do you go through every day? How many do you think you can be thankful for? Are you thankful for the good ones but not for the bad ones? Thankfulness is a whole. Thankfulness is defined as being pleased and relieved. When God is in our lives we can be please that He is by our side and relieved that He can do what we can not do. We have to be thankful for the whole thing, the good and the bad. Situations may not always line up with our desires or goals but in God’s plans for our lives they are lining up. Whether is seeing what you expected come to pass or not seeing it work as you expected be thankful. Thankfulness is gratitude to God. Is this wonderful praise that we have inside of us because we know God is good. He is in control of ALL situations in our lives. He knows what is best better than we do.

On this day just thank Him for what He has done, what He is doing, and what marvellous work He will do that will be a more glorious blessing than you have ever thought. God is in control.

And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.

Romans 8:28

On This Day 28 – Just Pray


We go through so many things. In many of them feel so overwhelmed, anxious and just plain disturbed in our mind and hearts. When those moments arise is like our mind goes blank on what we are supposed to do. We think about everything thats wrong and how is affecting our life, but we just don’t seem to find the way to get through it. The simple answer lies in the reality of where our focus is. If our focus, even in the middle of the caos and disturbance, is Christ we have a surety inside our soul that we are not going through it alone. When our focus shifts from Christ to what we have encountered it becomes a rollercoaster of emotions that sometimes are so incontrolable even to the most spiritual Christian. What could we do in those circumstances we face that seem so impossible to bare? The answer lies in one word, Pray. This praying is not the one that you will hear from a pulpit with the elegant words. It is the prayer of supplication, rendition and need that comes from the deepness of your soul to the only one, the Almighty God, that can help you in this situation. It is not a prayer of quantity of words,but of a full trust in Whom is faithful.

On this day things maybe overwhelming and uncertain,but in the middle of thing know that prayer is the most powerful weapon to overcome any situation. Today pray knowing that God is there to listen.

Call upon Me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you, and you shall glorify Me.

Psalm 50:15

Note – New Followers



Hello! May God bless you abundantly! I want to extend a warm welcome to my new followers! I would normally go and write on each individuaI blog, unfortunately, I am quite busy these days and truly there has been more than I expected which I am truly greatful. I still did not want to pass the opportunity to say THANK YOU!!!!!!!! I hope on the Lord this blog may be a blessing to your life and that through poetry, a word and others your spirit may be refreshed by the Holy Spirit. This walk is not easy, but its reward goes far beyond our expectations.

Don’t give up on the Lord…He will never give up on you! HE IS FAITHFUL!

Note – I Am Back!!!!!

I hope everyone is ok. I want to apologize for my abscence. Traveling and other thing kept me busy. Also I have had to do a mid-year restructuring. It has been hard but necessary. God has been faithful in the middle of everything and will continue through the rest of this year. May God bless you!


I thought sometime how should I respond
I thought some time the words to show
The hurt, the pain living inside
But truly no words to find
I tried many phrases to mix
None of them could bring in complete
The essence of the feelings beneath
I will like to say I kept trying
For theses phrases to show
But truly it hurt so much
Remembering became a torture bringing forth
No ease on the pain
No way to forget
What has been lived on this earth!
Is it worth it I ask?
This torturing task
I will say no; not worth looking at the past
I will go foward not looking back
I will live not survive
Because in the midst of this I got God by my side…

Poetry Y.R.

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En Este Dia 27 – ¿Que Estas Buscando?

bus En este dia…¿Que estas buscando?

Cada etapa de nuestra vida nos lleva a la busqueda. Durante nuestros primeros años buscamos saber e identificar donde estamos y quienes estan a nuestro alrededor. Despues buscamos en la adolecencia quienes somos. Y en la adultez cual es nuestro proposito. Siempre estamos buscando algo. Piensa en un dia donde tu mente no divague a buscar alguna informacion, conocimiento, deseo o simplemente la palabra adequada para expresarte, no lo hay. Tratamos siempre de buscar algo en diferentes areas de nuestras vidas.

Dios implanto en el ser humano ese precioso sentido de busqueda. ¿Porque? Por que El sabe que nuestra humanidad divaga entre muchas cosas las cuales nos llevan en diferentes cursos. El sentido de busqueda puesto en nosotros es simplemente para buscar en medio de todas las distracciones, problemas y demas la essencia de nuestra existencia que es Dios. Todo ser humano sea a su parecer o necesidad busca algo que lo llene. El buscar ese algo es lo que nos impulsa a acercarnos a Dios. Ya que somos creados con la necesidad de que Dios llene nuestras vidas y sea el centro de ella.

Buscar a Dios (su presencia) y de Dios (la relacion con El) en nuestros dias llenos de tanta maldad esto ha cambiado de ser essencial a ser de vital importancia para nuestras vidas. Cuando buscamos de Dios atravez de su Palabra y nos profundisamos en conocerlo entramos buscando encontrar lo que nos falta, que es todo lo que Dios es. Miralo de esta manera:

Dios es Amor mismo en essencia y aquel que busca amor lo encontrara en El en abundancia ya que El es la fuente.

Dios es Omnipotente y su omnipotencia se extiende a ser Sanador de nuestras enfermedades y aquel que le busca para sanidad recibira conforme a su Fe.

Dios es Soberano, en otras palabras tiene dominio sobre todo y aquel que tiene dificultades y no sabe a quien tornar puede recurir al que hace lo impossible possible sin limitacion alguna.

¿Que quiero decir? Que si estas buscando algo que llene tu vida y no sabes lo que es, es Cristo. Si lo haz dejado a un lado y necesitas encontrarlo de nuevo, que esperas para buscarlo otravez?

No estamos viviendo tiempos en los cuales podemos divagar y esperar a que las cosas sucedan por arte de magia. Satanas, el enemigo de las almas anda al azecho buscando a quien destruir. Tu deber es buscar a quien unico te puede proteger de la destruccion eterna, Jesucristo.

Isaias 55:5-6

                Buscad a Jehová mientras puede ser hallado, llamadle en tanto que está cercano.     

Deje el impío su camino, y el hombre inicuo sus pensamientos, y vuélvase a Jehová, el cual tendrá de él misericordia, y al Dios nuestro, el cual será amplio en perdonar.

En este dia medita y analiza que estas buscando. ¿Estas buscando lo terrenal o lo que verdaderamente llena tu alma?    Es momento de buscar lo que tiene valor…Jesucristo el precioso regalo de Dios para nuestra vida.

On This Day 26 – It’s Going to Be Ok


On this day…Every thing will be ok…

Don’t you love when in the midst of your worst moment someone comes and tells you,”Don’t worry everything is going to be ok.”  The look on your face of wanting to grab them and pull them inside of you so they can really see what you are feeling and never again in their life say that phrase to you again. There are situations in life no one will be able to understand what you feel, how you feel and even understand why or what you are goin through it. Truly, they will not be able to help you. Why? Because the only One that truly can get inside of you and examine the deepness of your heart is God. No matter how many times you hear that phrase from people it is not the same as hearing it from God Himself.

He does know what you are going through. He does know how you feel. Most importantly, He knows the solution and the way to heal your heart. God has said it in His Word you just have to trust Him. On this day you may not like to hear that phrase from others, but learn that if God says it, it is true and He has control over your situation and will provide a way.

Isaiah 41:10

Fear not, for I am with you;
Be not dismayed, for I am your God.
I will strengthen you,
Yes, I will help you,
I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.

En Este Dia 25 – Un Pensamiento

En este día Dios esta en control…

En este día recuerda que Dios estara contigo en cada situación grande o pequeña. No lo pienses tanto o sobre analizes. Dios esta contigo. El te cuida y esta escuchando tus oraciones. Dios te dirige. Aprenderas de esta prueba a acercarte mas a El. Y en esta situacion veras su gloria.

Proverbios 3:5-6 dice Fíate en Jehova de todo tu corazón, Y no te apoyes en tu propia prudencia. Reconocelo en todos tus caminos, Y el enderezara tus veredas.

La clave esta en fiarte (confiar). Solo confía. Que tengas un grandioso día sabiendo que Dios esta en control.

On This Day 25 – A Thought

On this day God is in control…

On this day remember God will be with you in every situation big or small. Don’t over think it, over analyze it. He is with you. He takes care of you and is listening to your prayers! God will guide you. You will learn from this trial to get closer to Him. You will see His glory in your situation.

Proverbs 3:5-6 says Trust in The Lord with all thine heart and lean not on your own understanding;In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your path.

The key is to trust. Have a wonderful day knowing God is in control.

Tranquilo En Dios

Una de las busquedas de mis lectores me dio una lección por si sola. La persona busco…”tranquilo en Dios”. ¿Que simple verdad? Pero la profundidad de esta frase entorno a nuestro diario vivir y las situaciones que enfrentamos se vuelve un torbellino dentro de nosotros. ¿Porque? Servimos a un Dios de Paz pero aun sabiendolo esa paz tiende a escaparse cada vez mas de nuestro alcance. ¿Será que no quiere estar? No. En mi experiencia nosotros mismos la alejamos. Nos volvemos esclavos de la ansiedad y la desesperación. Nos nublamos con las preocupaciones. Nos desefoncamos con el “tal vez.” Y despues en la solitud dentro de nosotros mismos nos preguntamos donde esta la paz que deberia sentir. Es triste estar en ese estado. Lo he vivido y de vez en vez aparece atacando todo mi ser. Me preocupo absolutamente de todo aun cosas que no puedo controlar. ¿Pero esto es para lo que El Señor me ha diseñado? ¿Querrá El que yo sea prisionera de este ahogamiento que me destruye los adentros y nadie puede venir a mi auxilio por que no pueden verlo? ¡EN NINGUNA MANERA!

La Palabra de Dios es verdadera y nos dice atravez de Jesucristo (Dios mismo)…”Mi paz os dejo, mi paz os doy no como el mundo la da.”

Toma en cuenta lo que Jesus les dijo…Mi paz os dejo…cuando alguien te deja algo es para que lo cuides, lo mantengas y lo utilizes propiamente. Así la paz tiene que ser cuidada en nostros, mantenida en nuestro corazon y utilizada apropiadamente con la Palabra para combatir los ataques del enemigo.

Miremos la segunda parte…Mi paz os doy…cuando alguien te da o regala algo la persona te lo da entendiendo tu necesidad de ese objeto. La persona espera que lo utilizes y tomes provecho de dicho regalo. Muchas veces no vemos la paz como un maravilloso regalo que Dios nos ha dado. Es un Fruto del Espiritu. Si Dios esta en ti el Espiritu Santo mora y atravez de la rendicion a El cultivaras ese fruto hermoso de paz en ti.

Debemos depender de Dios y su Palabra para mostarnos como mantenerla. Confiemos mas en Dios y no nos dejemos manipular por las trampas del enemigo para robarnos la paz que nos pertenece por que ha sido dada por Dios.


Hoy di…

No me importa que, cuando, a quien usara o como lo que hara…

Sino miro mas alto y mas profundo a lo que es verdaderamente importante…

Si Dios lo hablo yo lo creo! 

Si el dijo El lo hara!

Si El es dueno del tiempo lo hara perfecto!

Como no creerle al Dios de lo Sobrenatural que hace lo Imposible Posible!