The snares of the enemy 

Bring us so much pain
When we distance from God
To find things our own way
When we think we can manage
And truly believe
We have inner strength
To escape out and succeed
Ignoring the warnings
All coming from above
Repeating the disapproval
That sin has from God
No matter how prayerful
We think we can be
Our prayer is hindered 
When we are living in sin
Until full repentance
And a firm decision is made
To depart from sin
And to surrender our ways
The work of the Lord we want in our lives
Is on hold waiting for the time
Until our hearts surrender 
And recognized
The reason God send His Son 
For us to die
Was to live for Him
And the Word that is our guide
To honor Christ who sacrifice 
That we may receive eternal life

You Will Make It

Thinking about God my heart sinks
Yes, it sinks.
I am confronted with myself
I realize His greatness and eternal love
I stare in awe
Of my sinful condition
How He sent Christ to cleanse me from all
I meditate on His Word
Every letter; every phrase
Knocking at my heart
Asking to abide
So its work may start.

Then there comes my troubles
My mind wants to influence
What God Himself has said
It’s the best for my life
Surrendering to Christ
Letting Him change inside
It’s that battle that takes my peace
I, knowing what is good to me
Choosing things that break me
Not nourish me
Spiritually, I mean.

Then my soul ponders some more
On His grace
The one we don’t deserve
Why? Why would He be like that?
When my sinful nature reveals that
I keep failing Him
No righteous in me
It doesn’t matter to Him
The times my sinfulness makes me sink
His loving grace lifts me
I am certainly not perfect at all
But to His grace I cling all day long
For when I can’t He says I am here
I will carry you through
You will make it, My Dear.


On This Day 12 – It’s Him


On this day is about Him…

I was overwhelmed with many things
 That today it almost slipped
 The truth I should ponder about
Just Him…Jesus I mean

I praise His name daily
I take time to talk to Him alone
But in everything I do
His sacrifice escaped my mind alone

Yes, I should be thinking always
About that wonderful thing
But in this human nature
Even this tends to slip

I am not justifying the behavior
Nor will I put excuse in front
I am being honest really
Of how much I needed to confront

Not only now
But every day year around
the wonderfulness of His sacrifice
that has given me life abound

I’m ashamed, but relieved
Yes, both you see
Ashamed of forgetting this day
Relieved that we can remember it again

Not only today, but every day of our lives
Remember His love, His sacrifice
That every single moment I can breath
I know I live because He lives.

That in all challenges that may come
I am reminded this is not all
He brought through his death
Life of true abundance in me

Through His resurrection I am truly free
Everyday that I follow Him I see
I can keep on trusting He will be
Showing His love being always with me

Today I have pondered and realize
This is not the only day to think aside
Of His sacrifice, I mean
It’s every day of our lives we have to thank for His redemption of our sins