On This Day 28 – Just Pray


We go through so many things. In many of them feel so overwhelmed, anxious and just plain disturbed in our mind and hearts. When those moments arise is like our mind goes blank on what we are supposed to do. We think about everything thats wrong and how is affecting our life, but we just don’t seem to find the way to get through it. The simple answer lies in the reality of where our focus is. If our focus, even in the middle of the caos and disturbance, is Christ we have a surety inside our soul that we are not going through it alone. When our focus shifts from Christ to what we have encountered it becomes a rollercoaster of emotions that sometimes are so incontrolable even to the most spiritual Christian. What could we do in those circumstances we face that seem so impossible to bare? The answer lies in one word, Pray. This praying is not the one that you will hear from a pulpit with the elegant words. It is the prayer of supplication, rendition and need that comes from the deepness of your soul to the only one, the Almighty God, that can help you in this situation. It is not a prayer of quantity of words,but of a full trust in Whom is faithful.

On this day things maybe overwhelming and uncertain,but in the middle of thing know that prayer is the most powerful weapon to overcome any situation. Today pray knowing that God is there to listen.

Call upon Me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you, and you shall glorify Me.

Psalm 50:15


Job 2:9     Then his wife said to him, “Do you still hold fast to your integrity? Curse God and die!”

Job 27:5  Far be it from me That I should say you are right; Till I die I will not put away my integrity from me.

What does integrity mean to you? We learn since early age what is honesty. We are drilled on the right things we have to always do, and the wrong things that always will bring forth a punishment. We are taught to be honest. But rarely were we taught to have integrity. What is the difference? What does it mean to have integrity before God? Are we being integral before God in all we do?

Honesty vs. Integrity

Honesty is truthfulness, sincerity or frankness – Its synonyms are integrity, probity, rectitude. When we are honest  truthfulness in all we do is our companion

Integrity is adherence to moral and ethical principle. It is the state of being whole, entire, or undiminished. Its synonyms are rectitude, probity, virtue. When we have integrity all we do is truthful, right and in accordance with our values.

Integrity of the world

It shows you can be trusted.  It shows you will do the right thing of what you are told.

Integrity before God

Is doing everything in accordance to God’s values stated in His Word.

When we look at integrity before God we have to see that is not only having the moral and ethical values that the Word of God gives us, but the major part is to follow, put in practice and maintain it in us over all types of circumstances that may come, even if people do not agree or the circumstances are not in our favor.

Integrity before God means we want and desire with all our hearts to honor Him, obey Him and serve Him in every way, circumstance and situation even the worst ones.

Is doing what God wants and is right in His eyes over what we think is right and is right to our convenience.

It is faithfulness to God – Job 2:3

Job was God’s faithful servant. On Job 1:3, God describes him as there being no other like him on earth. Do you imagine God saying that about you? Why was Job so special? God answered that saying that he was “perfect and upright.” Job’s faithfulness to God made him perfect and upright.

It is faith in action

When your integrity adheres to the Word of God, (which is your guidance) is maintained. You are using your faith put in action knowing that God is more important than anything else in your life. That every situation that come you decide to stay by His side than drift away from Him.

Your faith is shifted towards doing everything for His glory whether in word or action even in the worst times.

In Psalm 25:21 David expresses “Let integrity and uprightness preserve me; for I wait on thee.” David was calling to God while trouble surrounded him and ask God that integrity and uprightness preserve him. Why? Because David knew that if he maintained his integrity before God and kept obeying God over everything and doing what He commanded him instead of taking matters into his own hand, while he waited God will take care of the rest.

Our Integrity

We should keep faithful to the Word of God over everything and everyone.                                                                                        We should maintain our integrity before God in all situations even the ones that hurt us.

Maintain our trust, faith, service and gratitude above all things we will be able to say like Job 27:5 “God forbid that I should justify you: till I die I will not remove mine integrity from me.”

A Woman’s Miracle

The most important thing we have with God is access to Him through Christ. When we accept Christ as our Savior he becomes our defender, our intercessor and most important the only way to be part of the blessings God the Father has in stored for us in His Kingdom. When we see God there are many times we think He is too far, too busy, too big or just because He is not visible we see His works on our human mind very impossible. In Jeremiah, God asked the prophet “…is there anything impossible for me?” Jeremiah 32:27 He saw so impossible in his human eyes what God was going to do, God had to remind Him of His absolute power and mighty that there was nothing that could stop from what He wants to do. (Isaiah 46:9-10)

As a woman we want to have someone to care for us. We always look for a man, family, work, or careers to satisfy our needs. These are easy targets because for our human conscience they are tangible and real. It is hard to call on God because He does not work with our human nature so His responses are not always in the ways we expect or understand. God seems as He can I answer but rarely I see Him answering. What if we change our perspective? Instead of trying to decipher just follow Him in faith till we can receive from Him what we have longed for?

I. The Wait

a. We do not like to wait. That is our human nature. Waiting is one of the most gratifying things in life especially if what you are waiting for is God and His glory to be manifested in your life.

b. They waited for Jesus to arrive

i. Jesus WILL arrive to your situation

II. Desperation

a. (v.41) Jairus was desperate. His daughter was dying. He knew Jesus was the only chance he had. His position in society was a powerful one, ruler of the synagogue. This man was in the most prominent position of religious power. The Pharisees and Sadducees which were type of theologian of our day did not believe in Jesus. This man that was all influenced by these that did not believe realized there was something Jesus could do. Jairus humiliated himself. Being a well respected community member falling at Jesus feet in front of the crowd was a great humiliation.

i. We need to understand that no matter what we may have in life humiliation and surrendering to Christ is the key to having our needs supplied. (Psalm 138:6)

b. The woman was also a desperate one. Her sickness had been oppressing her for 12 years. Any material possibility was wasted. Her life was slowly ending. She was waiting for Jesus. She was scared but brave enough to go beyond what people expected. People expected her to stay in her place (which was being outcast of society). She broke the expectations.

i. Are you willing to break the expectations in order to get closer to Christ in order to receive your healing both emotional and physical?

ii. Are you going to do it passively or actively?

1. Passively – you wait and wait for God to do something the way you think He will do it and at the time you think. When it doesn’t happen you get frustrated and think God does not respond or forgot about you.

2. Actively – you wait in surrendering, supplication, prayer, and the Word of God until you receive what you have so much desired.

iii. Her reward was the most precious gift you could get. Salvation. Not only was her sickness healed but she received Salvation (v.48) “Daughter, be of good comfort: thy faith hath made thee whole; go in peace”