All my world turns 

Spinning again

In the direction 

Of the straight and narrow road

Where I find all

That I ever wanted and more

The path of everlasting love

The path of greatness in all

The path that leads me to a glory awe…


The Cry

My heart is blowing up
My thoughts can’t go no more
I can’t find a stop
I have to find an exit in all

Oh how I wish I find
The exit to uncertainty inside
I want to break free
Be myself, the real me,
The one, You, God created to be

I want to laugh
Laugh again so hard
Surrounded by the joy
The one Your Spirit in me surpass

I need a moment
A long one to reflect
To think, organize, forget
All these emotions inside
Lord, please help!
I need Your power divine

That soothing no human balm can give
That marvellous touch
Surrounding me with Your love so big
It is You!
Only You I need!
Its Your presence I seek!

For I know tears now don’t cease
But with one touch from You
I will smile again
I’ll be truly free


Mind Map

Hello! I have been gone for a minute, but always remembering all my faithful readers.

Today, I want to share what came to me today. By nature, I am a visual learner. In order for my mind to grasp things in a more profound way I have to see it. Like many of you I am too, an over thinker. I think and analyze EVERYTHING! At times I am guilty of going to the extremes. So to put my thoughts in order I use mind nodes or in old school lingo – brain maps.  They help so much to create a visual escenario of what is going on in my mind. This way I can “see” the thoughts and “clean” those that do not need to stay.

As I was storming through the thoughts of the current process God is taking me through; I wrote my thoughts to get a better perspective. I can’t post everything I wrote, of course, but I do want to share the last link I added. I titled it “What God Wants.” When we follow God for a while we tend to wonder what God wants for me and what He wants us to do. Every time I go through a trial or breaking process that I need fresh godly perspective I add this title to one of the mind node branches. It helps me see and focus on the right thoughts that are in my head but the clutter of frustration, disappointment, and confusion don’t let me see.

Here is what I discovered that I KNOW but in the middle of the different situations that clutter my life I forgot…

Screen Shot 2014-11-09 at 5.12.05 PM

Thinking this way will keep you on track. God bless You All! 😀

True Love


I will love you
More than you can comprehend
I will love you for ever
My love will never change

This I’ve tried to tell you
Oh, so many times
Tell you that I love you
No matter what you do, have done
No matter the circumstance

How can I be so sure
That this promise is true?
I am who created you
No one knows you like I do

My promise is unconditional
There is no limitation in it
Just a pureness of truth
That only I, your God have it

Your human mind cannot comprehend
The truth and reality
That is so great
I will be with you till the end

Trust Me, I tell you
You will see
If others do leave you
I will surely stay with thee

There is no other love
That can be like mine
My love has been prove
Sending my Son for you to die


Keep Calm

Let not your heart be troubled by the circumstances that you may be facing. In the middle of the storm God is working. It may not seem like it but all He is allowing not only will strengthen your faith, but will gear you to your purpose. Trust God that NOTHING is out of His hand. Everything will be arranged to your favor and benefit in the right time and right moment. In the wait cling to Him, to His Word and know He will do greater things than you have ever imagined in your life. It is all part of your process and restoration. Is all for you to KNOW Him like you have never thought. God is fighting your battle. Now just rest in Him.