Oh my!
Why do I do the things I do!😡
I need to trust God!
Not myself!
Not what I see!
Not what I think!
I’m such an idiot!
Why don’t I learn!
That God has His own way of doing things!
That His way will bring blessing not grief!
I don’t know what to do!
I want to trust You Lord!
I want to trust Your ways!
But when I get closer I drift away
Now I repent of my awful attitude and disregard
Of thinking I could do more than Your power and might
I surrender my “I” that tends to disregard
All that You have taught me through Your Word Divine
I surrender my all
I need to remember in all
Your ways are always better than mine.

My Life

myLIFEI would want to, I may say
I will go with no problem
Doing things my way
But I have to decline such a way of life

May I tell you? May I tell you why?
It is not about fear
It is not about selfishness I may say
But what I learned about that choice
That no good comes that way

Yes, no good
I did it for a while
Keeping up my style of what life has to be
I realized the constant mistakes I came to meet
And the devastating harm it brought with it

I took it upon myself choosing what and when I would do
I made up my mind
The world was mine and all things I could do
But in one moment everything changed
I kept in a life that brought an empty way

Empty I say, that’s how I felt
Roaming around life with my heart stale
There was no beat of happiness inside
Just fatigue of lost not able to find
The peace so needed only given by Divine

Yes, I lived my way
Poor choices I made
Not only choices but a mayor decision that stood tall
I wanted to live without having God

How I asked Him not to ask!
When would my heart turn back?
I could not understand why
He was still waiting for me to change my mind

I have to admit it took time
But when death knocks it brings you a sign
I got on my knees and prayed
Lord, I give you my heart I don’t want to live my way


You Are All

I have realized you are ALL
No matter the pain or the fall
No matter the greatest storm
I find everything in you my Lord

What more can I ask to have?
You give real love that surpass
Anything that life may bring
Is only You that giveth me

Now I will go and carry on
The work to my hands you have brought
I will not stop cause I believe
You are by my side…I Will succeed

I can’t…

I can’t explain many things in life…
But I know you’ll be by my side…
In any situation that will be…
No worry feels me I got thee…
You are all my heart really needs…
I will keep on in strength and might…
The only thing I need is you Christ in my life…