No Poems

Today I don’t have a muse for poetry. 

I just want to let you know, my reader, that God is mighty! Even in the most draining and unresolve circumstances He rises above all to show His glory….JUST TRUST HIM


Your Word

When my mind rumbles
And I tend to over think
I will ground my thoughts
In your Word of peace

When I see darkness
Surround and abound
The lamp unto my feet
Takes all darkness out

When the battle gets stronger
And weakened I get
I meditate on your Word
That increases my strength

When I do not know
The road to pick
I’ll cling to Your Word to guide
To do what is pleasing to Thee


Day IV – Praise


On this day I realized that God is and will always be my ALL. Without Him I am nothing. Without Him I have no life I just exist. Is to Him that I give all the glory, honor and praise. I know that if my heart keeps praising Him even when I don’t have words to express my pain and troubles this praise will elevate me to His presence. It is there that I will feel calm, confident and secure, that I will persevere.
Today I take the time to praise God for all He has given me. He has given me love which He states in His Word that nothing will separate me from it. He has given me eternal life through Jesus Christ in which lies my security. And overall He has promised NEVER to leave me.

Take this day to praise the King of Kings and Lord of Lords! His presence abides in the praise!