Waking Up

I am dreaming of a new beginning
My process is soon ending
Bringing new blessings
I have only seen in my sleep
Oh what a relief!
When my heart just settles
In the love that is eternal
In the truth that sustains itself
In my loving Christ
I look back at my life
In my thinking realize
The road traveled has not destroyed
It has kept me strong
Every trial and situation mold
The person God wants to show
It’s overwhelming
I can’t fathom think
How in my darkest moments
God was working in me
Changing, instructing, and emerging in me
The woman He created
Breaking down the woman
The world wanted to make out of me
Is here where I see, I realize
That every situation
Gives forth another chance
That new beginnings will come in
When we surrender to God
Give Him our all
And over everything trust Him


New Victory

I have risen
My light shines
In the presence
Of Him, my God divine
I have understood
The greatness of Your presence
The faithfulness in You
That in all things
You are all in control
That from the pit
You rescued my soul
Oh how much I give
Glory and praise
To Christ, my Saviour, my Lord
The renewer of my strength
The One who makes all things new
With the fullness of His Love
A love so powerful
No one can match
No human on Earth
Can ever surpass
It is that love
That fills me indeed
That opens my eyes
That the truth I may see
That all that matters
Is who is by my side
My God the Mighty Warrior
Who wins all battles of mine


The Cry

My heart is blowing up
My thoughts can’t go no more
I can’t find a stop
I have to find an exit in all

Oh how I wish I find
The exit to uncertainty inside
I want to break free
Be myself, the real me,
The one, You, God created to be

I want to laugh
Laugh again so hard
Surrounded by the joy
The one Your Spirit in me surpass

I need a moment
A long one to reflect
To think, organize, forget
All these emotions inside
Lord, please help!
I need Your power divine

That soothing no human balm can give
That marvellous touch
Surrounding me with Your love so big
It is You!
Only You I need!
Its Your presence I seek!

For I know tears now don’t cease
But with one touch from You
I will smile again
I’ll be truly free


Hope for Them

Looking back
At the kindness given
At all that has been forgiven
To those that hurt my life
I come to realize
The great challenges of this path
The road of giving
Not waiting for a return
Giving more than a human wants
Being like Christ
Even when it hurts
Trusting God will heal, restore
And give life again
Hoping God’s touch would come to people’s heart
That for once they would understand
That soon they can realize
The only solution for their life
Is Christ’s Eternal Life
It’s my hope for them to find
What has been my greatest gift in life
The love unconditional to abide
And mercy freely received
Of Christ, the Savior
The one that changes
Makes a life complete



My faith faided
Dying slowly
It gasped for air
Trying to stay alive in all despair
I tried to help her
I held her hand tightly
I whispered, “You will survive”
But Inside of me asking
How could she stay alive?
There was nothing to bring back her health
What could give her hope?
Renew her? Make her well?
If she only held on one more minute
Breath a little deeper
And wait on her deliverer
He will come, I whispered
Just hold on
Trust His Word
It makes you strong!
Faith! Don’t die!!!
He has said He will deliver
He will never lie!
You can’t give up
You are too close
Come and rise up!
It is the time to cling
To the promise He gave you
That He will never leave
To always keep strong
Your battle He has won!
I see now your smile
My heart jumps with joy
Seeing your strength
With quickness rising up
How lovely you look!
I cannot describe
The great strength you regained
Knowing God will be there with you
Always till the end
Knowing He will keep you alive
With you I’m assured His glory in my life will shine

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Mind Map

Hello! I have been gone for a minute, but always remembering all my faithful readers.

Today, I want to share what came to me today. By nature, I am a visual learner. In order for my mind to grasp things in a more profound way I have to see it. Like many of you I am too, an over thinker. I think and analyze EVERYTHING! At times I am guilty of going to the extremes. So to put my thoughts in order I use mind nodes or in old school lingo – brain maps.  They help so much to create a visual escenario of what is going on in my mind. This way I can “see” the thoughts and “clean” those that do not need to stay.

As I was storming through the thoughts of the current process God is taking me through; I wrote my thoughts to get a better perspective. I can’t post everything I wrote, of course, but I do want to share the last link I added. I titled it “What God Wants.” When we follow God for a while we tend to wonder what God wants for me and what He wants us to do. Every time I go through a trial or breaking process that I need fresh godly perspective I add this title to one of the mind node branches. It helps me see and focus on the right thoughts that are in my head but the clutter of frustration, disappointment, and confusion don’t let me see.

Here is what I discovered that I KNOW but in the middle of the different situations that clutter my life I forgot…

Screen Shot 2014-11-09 at 5.12.05 PM

Thinking this way will keep you on track. God bless You All! 😀


I will not understand
Where God always takes me
The road is not a smooth path
Is not that is bad in all of it
Is the unknown journey
That springs from it
I can’t say that I know
Where His guidance will lead
I just rest in His faithfulness
In His promise to be always with me
That is enough for me to walk
To not fear in the road
But to keep firmly step by step in it
God is by my side
I’m protected, I’m blessed, I’m Free!

The Pawn

I’ll tell you what’s inside
The hatred that’s in me
For vicious, stupid lies

Is not the liar who I hate
Is the words; the false
The ones making no sense at all

The words that kill and hurt
By the ones who are so blind
Oblivious to the pain they cause inside

Those words that rise
By power of their fear and pride
The mask where their true self hides

I feel sorry for the liar; a pawn is he
To the Father of Lies
In his game of false belief

That in these lies
He can safely abide
That in them there is real life

He deceives himself no other one
Hiding continually behind the mask
He’s a marionette of the evil one

Until the truth lights in him
Of how used he has been
Of the pain that he’s causing within

Then there will be true repentance
Before the King
Jesus the forgiver of all deceit

It is then when the mask comes off
True self will be restored
Truth will deliver and save this pawn

Photo – Google
Poetry ©Y.R.

Blog Update

Dear Followers and Readers!

I hope everyone is doing great. Thanks be to God I am still sane after this merging. Those that have visited GINOSKOCHRIST have noticed the gradual changes, and things that have been disappearing. I ask all my followers from Ginoskochrist to keep changing to following now GINOSKOCRISTO. I know is going to take a while. You all have been kindly patient with me so will I. The blog will stay on Public status, but all posts English and Spanish will be here on Ginoskocristo. I sincerely appreciate your support.

Have fun here. I have maintained all the categories from each blog. On POSTS you will be able to find the posts in the Language you like. May you enjoy and be blessed with the lines that come out of my head whether in English or Spanish. May God Bless You!



Its the shadow of the unknown

Its the breeze that blows without notice

The surprising yawning

It is all that I can’t control

I look at them

Through my eyes in rain

I can not stop to be afraid

Of what may come my way

I could stop all

I could hide from everything I don’t know

But is that senseless

To the world that God has placed me to grow?

It is senseless  on my part

Retrieving because of fear of what may come

I prefer confronting and moving on

I have someone I can truly trust

He knows what I know not

He can guide me to victory in all

He has the power to control

Everything adverse and more

Christ, that is His name

There’s no other like Him on Earth

My security I can see in Him

Because of His death I can live freely indeed




You have come to me many times
In the hardest moments of life
Displaying your power and might

You appear when my heart sinks low
When emotions in me stir up
You make me feel all wrong

I see you when I want to hide
When I run in light years time
Escaping from you; you the one inside

I sometimes pretend I can survive
That under your influence I can still rise
You are just an emotion that can be demised

Yes, even under the pain you have caused
I can still say you are not in control
I will cast you out in the name of the Lord

Fear, mighty strong you are called
I have seen your works of deception and control
But I have been freed from your stronghold

Dominion and power over me you have lost
Love, peace and joy reign in my soul
I have been freed from fear, liberty is my new song

Poetry Y.R.
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Note – New Followers



Hello! May God bless you abundantly! I want to extend a warm welcome to my new followers! I would normally go and write on each individuaI blog, unfortunately, I am quite busy these days and truly there has been more than I expected which I am truly greatful. I still did not want to pass the opportunity to say THANK YOU!!!!!!!! I hope on the Lord this blog may be a blessing to your life and that through poetry, a word and others your spirit may be refreshed by the Holy Spirit. This walk is not easy, but its reward goes far beyond our expectations.

Don’t give up on the Lord…He will never give up on you! HE IS FAITHFUL!

On This Day 26 – It’s Going to Be Ok


On this day…Every thing will be ok…

Don’t you love when in the midst of your worst moment someone comes and tells you,”Don’t worry everything is going to be ok.”  The look on your face of wanting to grab them and pull them inside of you so they can really see what you are feeling and never again in their life say that phrase to you again. There are situations in life no one will be able to understand what you feel, how you feel and even understand why or what you are goin through it. Truly, they will not be able to help you. Why? Because the only One that truly can get inside of you and examine the deepness of your heart is God. No matter how many times you hear that phrase from people it is not the same as hearing it from God Himself.

He does know what you are going through. He does know how you feel. Most importantly, He knows the solution and the way to heal your heart. God has said it in His Word you just have to trust Him. On this day you may not like to hear that phrase from others, but learn that if God says it, it is true and He has control over your situation and will provide a way.

Isaiah 41:10

Fear not, for I am with you;
Be not dismayed, for I am your God.
I will strengthen you,
Yes, I will help you,
I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.

Note – Sick


There are good days and bad days. This past week has been like that. On the good part blessed by the greatness God does in my life and in the life of others and bad cause I have been sick. Sorry for not writing so much; this has been the reason.  Is rare, thanks to God, but it happens. I am alright now starting over again on the writing.

During these days I realized that this blog is not only an expression network (as I call it) but is more than that. I felt bad for not writing the truth is nothing came to me. It may have been caused by all the medication taken. I still wanted to write. I felt distant from all of you and in someway guilty for not asuming my responsability.  I had not realized how a blog can demand such a responsability, but it is part of socializing in this type of network. I am glad I don’t see these blogs as just mere lines, but a connection with each reader and follower. There is someone out there waiting to find in the strings of the World Wide Web a word of hope, love and just plainly something truthful and real that will fill the void in their heart. Every line we write will either edify or destroy. There is no gray area. I am striving for the first. I pray that every line that is written may bring to your life what you have been longing for. That anyone out there that feels empty will find in Christ what I have  found His precious love that no other person, thing or situation could give  and fill the heart.

On This Day 19 – God Knows


On this day just relax…God knows…

We live so worried about God’s will for our lives. I know how frustrating it can be when we know we have to make decisions, but we don’t know how to proceed. Like me, you may be asking yourself, how can I know? Is all through prayer, His Word and over all Faith in His guidance. Even if things don’t make sense now and the way God is taking you may not seem “normal” to your thinking when you trust Him that all His plans are to prosper you and not to harm you; you will be able to move in Faith.  Today understand God knows. His plans are perfect. Just Trust Him.

Note – Theme Change?


If you followed me since I began this blog officially in February 2013 you may have noticed I did some redecorating since then. I like the decoration, but there is a Premium Theme I absolutely love. I am pondering on the thought of purchasing it for this blog. The twin Spanish blog is still in debate.

Any of you purchased one?

Is there anything I have to consider about it?

Most importantly, is it really worth it?

I have read the WordPress guide, but I want feedback from actual owners of Premium Themes. I would appreciate if you guys can give me some advice…comment as you wish…:D

On This Day 12 – It’s Him


On this day is about Him…

I was overwhelmed with many things
 That today it almost slipped
 The truth I should ponder about
Just Him…Jesus I mean

I praise His name daily
I take time to talk to Him alone
But in everything I do
His sacrifice escaped my mind alone

Yes, I should be thinking always
About that wonderful thing
But in this human nature
Even this tends to slip

I am not justifying the behavior
Nor will I put excuse in front
I am being honest really
Of how much I needed to confront

Not only now
But every day year around
the wonderfulness of His sacrifice
that has given me life abound

I’m ashamed, but relieved
Yes, both you see
Ashamed of forgetting this day
Relieved that we can remember it again

Not only today, but every day of our lives
Remember His love, His sacrifice
That every single moment I can breath
I know I live because He lives.

That in all challenges that may come
I am reminded this is not all
He brought through his death
Life of true abundance in me

Through His resurrection I am truly free
Everyday that I follow Him I see
I can keep on trusting He will be
Showing His love being always with me

Today I have pondered and realize
This is not the only day to think aside
Of His sacrifice, I mean
It’s every day of our lives we have to thank for His redemption of our sins


Day VII – Today


On this day I decide to stand firm in Faith and keep on

Today I dream about what will come…
Today I keep my Faith above all…
Today I say to my present “There is more”…
Today I keep trusting even in the storm…
Today I will look at the highest mountain in my path with faith that it moves and will be there no more!



I write of the sweetness there is
I write of the feelings within
I write to profess what I believe
I write just for everyone to see

My words can be lost in time
But the feeling with which it’s written
Would stay perpetually in my mind
That is why I write..